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Mad Nest  A nook serving up a variety of good eats, copious amounts of alcohol and ever-changing creative exhibits. We are located at 378-380 East Coast Rd.

Head down to the nest for some comfort food this rainy season! Be sure to warm up your tummies with some hot Tom Yum Seafood Soup from our Thai cuisine! #madnest #EatDrinkArt

Kick start your week with a hearty feast at the nest! Be spoilt for choice with our 3 cuisines all under one roof. Featuring our Salted Egg Calamari —Battered calamari tossed in savory salted egg mix, best paired with a pint or two. See you tonight!
#madnest #EatDrinkArt #foodie #sgeats

At the nest, we are all about filling your hungry tummy with hearty meals. Try out our Katsu Curry Rice — deep fried pork cutlet paired with savory Japanese curry today! Give us a ring at 6348 6861 to book your table. Seeyou then!
#madnest #EatDrinkArt #foodie #sgeats

Everyone's favourite — Steamed Seabass in tangy lime juice with sliced garlic and white cabbage for the extra oomph! Grab along your friends and try it out tonight! Our last order for food is at 12 midnight everyday. It's never too late for some Thai, Japanese or Northern Indian supper!
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It was nice hosting DY & Fiona again for another birthday party! Thankyou for having us and Happy Birthday to Kaylia! ✨
#madnest #dessertable #abeautifulmess

Loving the pink and gold setup by @thepartyaffairs for Kaylia's first birthday!
Hit us up at if you'd like to have a party like Kaylia's!

#madnest #desserttable #abeautifulmess

Snippets of the birthday party we hosted last weekend for Kaylia's first birthday!
#madnest #desserttable #abeautifulmess

Just last Saturday, we hosted another party and celebrated Mayumi's first birthday together. Snippets of our whimsical garden party in tints of pastel. We've also added new items to our buffet packages! —
Hit us up at if you'd like to have a party like Mayumi's. We've got your buffet and dessert table covered!
#madnest #abeautifulmess #kidsparty #desserttable #desserttablesg

NEW MENU LAUNCHED! Are you still deciding what to have for dinner? We've got you covered! Think Pad Prik Chicken tossed in flavoursome homemade spicy curry mix or our new Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Maki if you are craving for Jap. Seal your night with our $5 half pint beer from 4-8PM. — we'll see you tonight. #madnest #sgeats

The perfect remedy for Monday Blues. #sgbar #sgeats #madnest #madnestsg #sgbeer #beeroclock #sgnight

Another view of our Paper Mâché collection available at #madnest soon. #sgart #art #papermache

Fancy a hotplate stir-fried garlic pork with signature sauce from our Japanese kitchen? Head down to #madnest for remedy of Monday Blues. Not to forget gulping down beers. 1 for 1 beer promos from 4pm-8pm. #sgeats #sgbars #sgbeer