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Macy Francke  Once I was born...I've been alive ever since. 👽🌻🐋🍺🎬📹

I love these humans I love pride. I love love. Life is gr8. ❤️ #pride #pridefest #mkepride #milwaukee #lgbt #lgbtq #gay

I am mine. ❤️ #me

Are you a comma or a dot to my run-on sentence where I was just a word that had refused to be defined
There is freedom when you say I am through, I am through
Room for something to begin all anew, all anew
I'm now a horse without a race, I will gallop where I please
and with no shame, no hesitation I'll go down upon my knees #me

I look sad in this pic but I’m actually just v moody. 😎 #me

Okay a wee bit more. Also peep my v stylish hairdo🌈 love my Tonya she makes my soul feel all shined and pretty and I am blessed she’s so talented and wants to do musical things with me. #song #music #cover #singing #guitar #lordhuron #harmony #duet @tonyanne1

Tiny lil sneak peak of what my Tonya and I are working on. Still rough- but I’m too anxious not to share some. This song is called The Night We Met by Lord Huron ☺️ @tonyanne1 #music #cover #guitar #song #singers harmony #lordhuron

Dreaming 💭

Have a little he(art) #me

When you’re just jammin’ and the ghost has to add percussion~

Take me back to Nassau with my best friend plz! @piaapaola

This was the most incredible week of my life. I haven’t smiled, laughed, danced, skipped sleep, more in my life! And I had the best partner in crime the whole time! I saw my favorite band in the world for the 5th time! And they were better than ever and it always really awakens my soul. I also fell in love with several other bands who put on incredible shows! I saw sharks, snorkeled, drank, kissed, and just let my freak flag fly! Take me back already! Pia, I fucking adore you. You are a massive blessing in my life 11 years strong! ❤️ thanks for being the best part of my vacation. #parahoy #cruise #miami #bahamas #nassau #paramore #judahandthelion #localnatives #nownow #mewithoutyou

Feels from 32,506 feet 🛫 #poetry #asongaboutyou

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