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Tally  Life science student. Spends life in lab. Occasionally makes it to a gym.

#cleaneating got me like...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Training done! One hour of full body group training and an hour of yoga straight after. I'm gonna go ahead and count it as hot yoga seeing as there weren't any fans or windows open in the yoga studio πŸ˜“#sweatybetty
I always feel a little weird about training during exam season - it feels like I'm procrastinating, and this is time that I should be using to revise. But exercise helps you keep focussed and I tend to go mad sitting down for the entire day looking over my notes πŸ˜‚

Nike leggings from a while back clash seriously with my hair but I'm over itπŸ˜„

Today's #studysnack: a slightly melted @novonutrition protein wafer. (It's hot in my room, apparently.. .) These are actually really yummy. The only protein wafer I've tried before is the @myproteinuk one which is also delicious. Neither of them taste like protein treats or have a proteiny aftertaste. I definitely think the chocolate coating on this makes it stand apart from the rest as being almost like a treat. Another thing that stands out about this is the size of it, it's actually quite a long bar so it takes a little longer to eat and makes me feel more satisfied. I purchased a box of Chocolate flavour from @proteinpickandmix but they also sell a Chooclate Peanut variety and I've seen Vanilla floating around on the internet as well? After I'm done with this box I'm very up for trying the other flavours.

10g carbs
13g fat
12g protein
200 kcal

My only thing with this is that it's quite high in fats, so probably not the best choice for high carb low fat days. Still, it's genuinely delicious and a decent dessert for when you're bored of protein shakes.

Made these last week, when I was in a massive rush to get to uni and had loads of leftovers in the fridge. Swipe πŸ‘‰ for more salady goodness.

I actually despise salad πŸ˜‚ but this one was okay. 100g Quinoa, reduced fat halloumi, @musclefooduk hickory BBQ chicken steak cooked in a little extra BBQ sauce and then some leftover roasted veggies we had kicking about. Mint on the top to make it extra insta haha.

Jars bought for like Β£1.50 from Asda πŸ‘Œ

Sucky photo of the day: this is what 50g (one serving) of high protein, reduced sugar granola looks like 😣 This bowl is /tiny/ - about the size of my fist...why tho😒

I've learned so much since starting to weigh my food, especially sauces. If you'd ask me to freepour 50g of granola into a regular sized bowl I'd probably return with 200g worth πŸ˜‚ So important to be mindful of portion sizes when cutting!

Also if anyone is wondering about the scales - they're mini ones that you can buy off eBay for like Β£5 or just under! Saw them once in a @laurenfitness video and thought it was a great idea so bought one.
Love the fact that they're so portable, but one time I had them at uni and my mates were like 'Tally those are drug dealer scales' now I don't really leave the house with them πŸ˜‚ ain't nobody got time for that.

Actually obsessed with using @musclefooduk Protein pizza bases to make my own pizzas.
This one is a standard BBQ sauce base (yes, out of a bottle haha) mozzarella cheese (reduced fat obvs) red Leicester and cheddar and mushrooms 😍 tasted incredible.

What with exams eating any and all my time, quick dinners like this are lifesavers. I basically live off pizza, musclefood ready meals, veggies, egg whites and chicken at the minute πŸ˜‚ Oh, and rice out of a bag... gotta love that #studylife

36.7g carbs
26.3g fat
52.3g protein
603 kcal


Lunchtime - tried out the new @musclefooduk melt in the middle steak burger, between processed-af cheese slices, reduced sugar ketchup and a bagel thin. Yasss.

35.2g carb
14.3g fat
41.4g protein
438 kcal

Happy SundayπŸ˜„
Might just be Sussex but it's been super hot lately. I've been living in shorts and a t-shirt.

Revision is going AWFULLY and the exam is tomorrow help. Probably going to switch off my phone haha to keep from getting distracted!

I actually made this @myproteinuk order a week or so ago and never got round to posting it due to exams. I bought:

Protein Hot Chocolate
Protein Hot Latte
A mini shaker (and got a large shaker free, which was cool)
Protein breadsticks
Iron tablets (these promised to give your entire daily recommendation in just one tablet, and at Β£4 or so for 30 I thought they were worth a go)
A storage funnel
High protein chocolate
Protein Gingerbread Mix (don't ask haha)
Pancreatin (meant to help digestion???idk)
Water enhancers in Cherry Cola and Citrus

It came within two or so days and I used a student discount code which took 30% off the price - not bad! @myunidays is a lifesaver.

Can't wait until revision is over and I can post this all up on here and the blog 😍

Finally got round to trying @optimumnutrition cake bites! This is the birthday cake flavour, which came in my @proteinpickandmix Mix of the Month for May πŸ˜‹

First impressions - taste is on point, and I love how different it looks from most protein products - the sprinkles on top make it look like junk food!

Actual taste is fairly birthday cakey, texture is nothing like cake - it's kind of a softer, spongier protein bar texture. Really yummy, just don't bite into these expecting muffin texture.

I like how you get three bites in a packet - they take longer to eat that way and leave you feeling much more satisfied. My only gripe with this is that at 240 kcals for 20g protein it's slightly more suited to those on a bulking diet than those cutting, but you can always eat just one or two at a time to make them fit your macros!
I don't see these talked about much with the #ukfitfam, probably due to lack of availability...anyone else tried these yet?

Breakfast: Honey and Vanilla @novonutrition Proteinos(again)
Ended up just having this before this morning's workout. Did try and have a myprotein Protein Latte as well but it was fucking grim and gave me heartburn 😐
That's getting its own post.

Disclaimer: I actually don't like cereal with milk πŸ˜‚ I always eat it dry like a heathen. But I've been trying to eat it with milk on two occasions now, just to get used to being an adult. Experiment failed. Imma stick to eating it straight out of the packet πŸ˜‚

I will do a full review of this on the blog as soon as my exams are over. It's yummy, obviously not Cheerios or anything but pretty edible and insane macros. There's not too much taste to it in all honesty (the cinnamon version has more flavour) so what I'll be doing from here on out is mixing half Proteinos and half Cheerios. That way you get all the vitamins cereal is enriched with to make it vaguely worth buying, as well as #gains for days πŸ‘Œ and yummier taste. Whoop.

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