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🐻 MacKorawin  ✈️ Tour Operation & T/L Outbound 🔊 TH-EN Bilingual Event Host 📈 AIA Life Insurance Agent 📚 Alumni of Bodindecha & ABAC 📍 BKK, TH 📬 DM for work :)

It’s time to farewell the stage. Thank you very much for having me here as a host. I do really extreme honour. Have a safe journey back home. ❤️

Be calm ... take a deep breath.

Lady and gentlemen ...

Afternoon refresh 🐰💦

Din Din 🐷🐽💦

Take it easy Kiki ... ✌️

Something, somewhere, knows what’s best for me and promises to keep sending me people and experiences to light my way as long as I live in gratitude and keep paying attention to the signs. 💙

With ton of love ,, Thai Mother’s Day 2018

แต่เล็กจนโต โอ้แม่ถนอมมมม !!! ลูกแม่แน่นอน หน้าโขกกันขนาดนี้ 🧡 รักนะแจ๊ะ รักทุกวัน รักที่สุด ,, As a Thai Mother’s Day : no word can describe how much i do love you Mommy :) but if u wanna know u can count the number pieces of sand on the beach >.<

My kinda Friday ❤️

Try to light up the dark ☀️

Sunday with Bangkok Traffic !! มีวันไหนมั้ยที่กรุงเทพรถไม่ติด 😂

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