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Love. 📷: @jmdmcreative

I grew up going to the Puyallup Fair. And last night, in front of a sold out crowd I got to perform there. Right before I went on stage I ate an Elephant ear, corn on the cob, Mac and cheese and some chicken. That was probably a mistake. But at the same time if you go to the fair and you don’t eat whatever you want, did you really do the fair? I had the entire fam out. Extended fam. And 10,000 people there to celebrate the finale to the best summer of shows ever. Thank you Washington. Thank you Puyallup. And thank you to whoever made that Elephant ear and plugged me with the extra butter. 📷: @jmdmcreative

Tonight we Do The Puyallup. I will be full off elephant ears and moving slowly but it shall be lit. Photo: @jmdmcreative

Instagram clout tip: Whenever riding a small commercial plane, wait until the rest of the passengers have exited. Have your homie waiting outside with an iphone 7 or newer. No 6s. Walk off plane with your head down pretending you have no idea he/she is rapidly firing off pictures from as many angles as possible. Pick the best shot of the batch, where your jawline looks better than it does in real life. Edit the pic, add glow. Then post your picture with a very simple caption like “travel”. Your clout will go up while simultaneously tricking your followers into thinking you’re riding around the sky in a PJ. You’re welcome 😉. Photo: @jmdmcreative

Irish Koala 💚🧡

Paris walking to stage. Film: @nickbeeba

Such a genuine person. Brilliant sense of humor. A true artist. Your spirit is what impressed me the most. The energy you brought to any space you were in. Contagious. You reached out to me at times when others didn’t. You were human. And we shared the same disease. A disease that is out to kill us, and when left untreated eventually will.
I’m shaken. Shaken that someone who had such a light can be taken from this world so easily. It could have been me too many times to count. On the surface people that appear to have it all, are not exempt from the gravity and cunning nature of this disease.

If you’re in the midst of addiction tell someone what’s going on. Don’t be a secret. Go to a 12 step meeting. Introduce yourself and you’ll be greeted with love and understanding from people that are fighting the same battle. Surrender. There are many paths, but it’s the only thing that has worked for me. I’m scared. Scared of how real this all is. Life and death.
Beyond sad. Such a beautiful soul. Sending love to family, friends and everyone whose life was better because of your presence on this earth. Rest In Peace Mac 💔

Thank you...To everyone that creatively contributed to Gemini in any way. To any person that played a song, bought the album or came out to a show. This is all because of you. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, outside of raise these 2 little girls. Im trusting in the universe to give me perspective when it’s ready. But I’m so happy I did this album. That I woke up and worked on music. That I got back in the studio and made art without expectations. That I re-discovered the joy of the creative process. And that I got to travel around the world and play it with my friends. It’s been a beautiful run 🏁♊️ #gemini

Koala 🐨

Out of all the unforgettable nights I’ve had throughout my career, this might be my favorite moment. Completely unprompted, Sloane ran out on stage in front of 35,000 people in Paris. After being away from my family for the majority of the last year touring, I couldn’t draw up a better ending to this chapter. Magic ❤️

Sometimes the Paris dad fit is so fire you gotta ask your girl “ay, will you hold these bags and take a pic of me in this street...please?” 📷: @baba_g

35,000 in Helsinki Finland 🇫🇮. Nothing like traveling the world and being part of the soundtrack to someone’s summer festival experience. Some of my favorite memories growing up were going to festivals in my teen years/early 20’s. Watching artists that shaped the person I was, and the performer I would become. There’s times that I sit back and still marvel at the fact that this is my job. The one that I always wanted. Beyond grateful to everyone that got a ticket and came out to celebrate with us this summer. Might have been the best one yet. 1 more European festival to go... Paris on Sunday. 📷: @jmdmcreative

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