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Just chillin’ 💙 Had this little man been born on time he would be four months today. Instead he’s almost six months. I’m in awe of him every day. Watching him navigate this vast world is endlessly fascinating. Today I’m grateful for my little man and this gorgeous day that we spent at the park with Adler’s friend Sully. What are you grateful today?

Practicing some inversion strength building drills for my inversion workshops at the @breathingroomrd this weekend and next. This video was sped up to fit in a minute. The first drill builds deep abdominal and hip flexor strength which helps prevent you from “banana backing” in your inversions. The second drill is a great shoulder opener with reverse tabletop and amazing abdominal work with the l-sit. I demo the drill on blocks but to make it more challenging you can skip the blocks! If you try these drills tag me in your posts! I love to be a part of your practice. 😄 What are your favourite inversion drills? 💪🏼 PS: if you want to join my workshops there are only a few spots left. Sign up now using the link in my bio.

PPS: I just realized while writing this caption that these new summer @aloyoga leggings match my chairs! Too funny.

I had so much fun giving away festival passes today that this week I’m going to give away @zenrezfitness class credits (must be in North America to win)!! Whenever I get a chance, which is a lot less frequently these days with a newborn, I love popping into group yoga or fitness classes. One of the biggest gifts attending group classes has given me is a sense of community. I feed off the energy of the people working hard around me. I find inspiration in the fact that people show up imperfectly. Looking around the room I am reminded we are all so different yet the exact same too. Why do you love group classes?
Zenrez is a last-minute booking platform (available on app and desktop) for yoga and fitness. it offers limited spots at boutique studios in major cities throughout the US and Canada. Whenever I’m in LA and Seattle I always use Zenrez to book spots in my favorite classes! I’ll be giving away one $150 Zenrez credit and two $50 Zenrez credits.
How to participate:
1️⃣ Follow both @zenrezfitness and @mackenzieyoga
2️⃣ Answer: Why do you love group classes?
3️⃣ Tag two friends who would LOVE some Zenrez credits

You have until Wednesday April 18th at 9pm EST to enter. The winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be announced on my Instagram Story Thursday April 19th at 12pm EST. Should I do more weekly giveaways? 😄

GIVEAWAY ALERT! As summer slowly approaches I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of being about to play with Adler outdoors (minus the fact it snowed several inches overnight)! Join me this summer in Sydenham, Ontario for an intimate gathering at the @thegroovegathering June 22-24th 2018. The great news I have for you is that I’m giving away two free weekend passes!! How could you not want to join!? To enter it’s simple, you must:
1️⃣ Follow @thegroovegathering and @mackenzieyoga
2️⃣ Tag a friend you’re excited to play with this summer
3️⃣ Bonus: to be entered twice repost this image using the hashtag #thegroovegatheringontario. Your account must be public to be able to see your post and be entered twice.
You have until Sunday April 15th at 9pm EST to enter. The winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be announced on my Instagram Story Monday April 16th at 12pm EST.
Photo by @griff_j at @codyapp. Wearing @aloyoga.

Watching you witness the world is nothing short of a miracle. Almost daily I pinch myself that I get the honor of being your mom. I constantly am in awe and slight disbelief that you’re my son. It’s kind of weird to admit, but in a way I sort of forget even being pregnant. It feels like such a distant memory… Even your birth seems like forever ago.
Adler, please never stop being so intensely present to what is going on around you. Keep looking people directly in the eyes (even if sometimes it’s too long and slightly creepy). There is so much potential for you to grow into and I can’t wait to continue witnessing your journey.
Side note: Speaking of growing we went to the doctor’s office a few weeks ago where they measured his head circumference. Turns out his head is in the 97th percentile for size, which they wanted us to monitor that it didn’t keep growing at a fast rate. A few days ago his pediatrician for good measure took Mike and my head circumference to see if big heads run in our family. Apparently I also have a huge noggin. I’d like to think that means extra room for our large brains. All joking aside Adler’s pediatrician said that he’s growing into his genetic potential. The miracle of life truly astonishes me.

So here we are, my sweet son and I, like we are most days in our sweat pants playing and learning more about each other and the world.

The best friends are the ones who humor your silly ideas... @elvisgarciayoga always is down to have fun with me! This is our version of who wore it better!! 😂😂 inspired by @chelseasyoga and @kevindhofer. But seriously, who wore this @aloyoga outfit better Elvis (on the left) or me (on the right)? Thanks @codyapp for capturing this image. 😍 Swipe left to see Elvis with Adler. He’s a natural with kids.

If baby giggles don’t brighten your day I don’t know what will. 👶🏻 Each day I wake up to his smiling face. No matter how much (or little, lets be honest) sleep I’ve gotten my mood is instantly turned around by his sweet smiling face. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again motherhood is the craziest journey. I’m loving it so much. 💙

Mondays are for mantras! What is your mantra for this week? Mine is, “Keep your head up and your heart strong,” which are lyrics from a Ben Howard song that has always resonated with me. 💞 Thanks for capturing this moment.

I was reminded by Facebook that six years ago I began my yoga traveling journey when I flew to NY for a photoshoot for @kathrynbudig’s book “The Big Book of Yoga.” It is crazy to think how much has happened since that trip pivotal trip. I moved from Seattle to LA back to Seattle then to Canada, got married and had a baby all while traveling the world teaching yoga workshops. As much as I love traveling, meeting new people and teaching in new communities there is nothing sweeter than sleeping in my own bed and waking up to this darling face. It’s funny that as the years go by how much my priorities have changed. Life and the natural ebb and flow of it is so beautiful. 💙 Head over to my Instastory for some of the pictures from my first yoga traveling gig.

Right after having Adler I thought that it’s not possible for a woman to have it all (career, family, happiness...). What a silly thought that was. My postpartum was getting the best of me for sure. I woke up this morning, day two of my first work trip post Adler, and it was clear to me that I can have it all. I can have a thriving career. I can be in a loving respectful marriage. I can create the family of my dreams. There is no doubt in my mind that without the support of my loved ones, specifically my husband @steel_pony, this wouldn’t be possible though. I suppose I share this because there will be highs and lows on your way to achieving your dreams. Don’t let your doubts get in the way of making shit happen. 💞 Thank you @griff_j for staying late on set to take this picture for me.

I started the day off really glamorous! I got my nails done and I was dressed like an adult for a change (jeans and a non-nursing shirt). Upon arriving home I went straight back into mom mode. Sweat pants, no bra and an easy access shirt. Nothing glamorous about that. This afternoon Adler decided to start spitting up - A LOT. Tomorrow we have a day of travel. I’m feeling anxious about it already... Will he spend the whole flight spitting up on me?! I just changed my shirt three times because he soaked each one. I can’t do that on a plane. Luckily the flight to Seattle is short and Mike and I are seated next to each other, so if I do get spit up on Mike is the only one who’ll have to be up close and personal with me. The beauty is that in admitting my fears out loud is that they no longer feel as powerful over me. What are you fearing that you haven’t built up the courage to admit out loud? Share it in a comment below. Let’s hold space for each other’s fears. ❤️ Instead of a polished photo here I am in my sweats with our unpacked luggage. Rather than finish packing I’m going to watch an episode of Atypical. Our suitcases will pack themselves right?

Monday’s are for ☕️. I’m also treating myself to 💅🏼 before our trip to Seattle tomorrow. Oh and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Where are you and what are you doing on this beautiful Monday? Emojis encouraged. 👌🏼

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