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I wish I was snuggled up in bed with these two right now. ☹️Instead I’m at the ER which is an adventure that started last night... I’m hoping to have some resolution to the health problems I’ve been having by the end of the day. More to be shared later. I’d love some positive encouragement or entertainment while I’m killing time at the ER. Leave me some sweet words, a joke, your favorite quote to lift my spirits. Until the comments come rolling in I’ll just be staring at pictures of Adler. 😍🦅 Sadly this means that I won’t be teaching my yoga class tonight at the Breathing Room. ❤️ Photographer: @paintedsparrowphotography.

This life is meant to be experienced through the lens of love. Becoming a mom has unlocked a chamber in my heart I didn’t know existed. Where I used to feel anger or dare I say hate it has been replaced by love. The amount of unconditional love that pours out of me daily feels impossible or at the very least improbable. As much as motherhood is beautiful there are struggles too. Between the lack of sleep, being constantly spit up on and/or pooped on, lactation related health issues I’m experiencing, I feel like there’s no way I can continue to feel this all consuming love day after day after day and yet I wake up and miraculously feel even more love than the day prior. As @blissology says, “love is the ultimate renewable resource.” He’s 100% right. There’s always more love to be felt and experienced. Why let your ego or insecurities get in the way? Adler, you’ve changed me in ways I didn’t know possible. I’m proud to say that my somewhat rough and jaded heart has softened thanks to motherhood. ☺️During this tumultuous time in history let’s spread love worldwide. I encourage you to spend five minutes of your day (right now, why wait) to tag a friend in a comment and share some loving words, journal about someone you struggle to feel love or compassion for, try putting yourself in their shoes and reflect about how you can behave in a way that would make them feel better understood and loved. After all most of us just want to be heard, seen and loved. Please know that I see you. Please know that I read all of your comments/DM’s and hear you. Please know that I love you. At the very least share a 💙 in a comment as a simple way to spread some love to someone who needs it. Can we create a massive love fest on this post? Can this little square be used for good? Yes is the answer to both questions. 🤗 This beautiful family moment was captured by @paintedsparrowphotography.

I’ve been loving how much you guys have been sharing on my posts lately. Let’s keep it up. 👊🏼 Being Monday and the beginning of the week I want to set the tone of this week right. I want you to share one goal or intention you have for this week. Mine is to slow down and create space. In the New Year I’ve taken on teaching 3 classes a week, have several doctors appointments weekly between Adler and I as well as social get togethers. I enjoy it all minus the doctors appointments but I haven’t had time to focus on moving my body. Wait, let me rephrase that. I haven’t made time to move my body. I know how good I feel when I do yet I’ve been majorly procrastinating. Why?!? I’m in a movement funk. Can any of you relate? I’m posting this @jasperyoga photo with this post because it was a time I felt incredibly empowered in my body unlike I am right now. If I’m able to slow down then I’ll find a few minutes each day to move because something is better than nothing. ❤️ I look forward to hearing how you all are starting your week. I gain so much inspiration from your shares, so thank you in advance. 🙏🏼

I’ve been up bright and early tending to this little man, so let’s play a game to keep me entertained... Tell me your name, where you live, why you follow me and any other random facts you feel like sharing. I want to get to know you guys better! I’ll try to give as many accounts that comment some love in return. 😄 I’m MacKenzie!! I live in Red Deer, AB Canada but am originally from Seattle, WA USA. I’m an only child. I’m left handed. I love spicy food, coffee and avocados. I like to make cookies more than I like to eat them. My right foot is bigger than my left. I once ran a half marathon and then stopped running as a hobby immediately after. I started as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor when I was 18. I’ve lived in LA for a total of ten years throughout my life. I remember doing jazzercise VHS tapes when I was young. I’ve always loved moving my body. In a previous life I think I was a rapper. I’m obsessed with Notorious BIG. Okay, your turn!

Dear Adler,
Becoming your mom has been the most life altering experience in the best and most challenging ways possible. Every day I look at your sweet face and am reminded that I want to do better. You inspire me to try to make this world a place you’ll be proud of. You make your dad and I want to better and strengthen our relationship so that you grow up seeing and feeling what unconditional love and partnership is. Through that process you’ll also see that neither one of us is perfect and relationships take work. I’d be lying if I said it was easy. We are doing our best. Every ounce of struggle is worth it. You are worth it. I love you my baby boy. xoxo, your Mom. Photographer: @paintedsparrowphotography

I’m so overwhelmed by all the comments I received on my last post. Many of you asked about the process Mike and I go through to communicate openly and lovingly with one another while discussing our problems. We want to share this process with you guys. I’m trying to put together an ebook guide of our favorite tools that help keep our relationship healthy. Most of these tools would be appropriate for romantic relationships and friendships. One tool is to discuss “hot topic” issues when you’re not in the middle of them. Once you’ve both cooled down it’s a lot easier to discuss an issue from a level-headed and grounded place. Individual work is crucial. I love that my asana practice shifted deeply into svadhyaya (self study). Personally owning up to the things that trigger me has been pivotal. When I feel someone has wronged me I can be quite cold and harsh. My reaction is to run, dismiss the person, etc... I’ve slowly gotten better at not doing this nearly as much since addressing my own insecurities throughout the years. I can’t recommend professional help enough! Seek out a therapist. They can facilitate a lot of growth.👌🏼What in your relationships would you like to get better at? The more you guys share the more I can hopefully address in our ebook! 👍🏼 We are also putting together couple/family retreats for 2018/19 which would walk you through our process step by step over a weekend in an awesome location. Check out my instastory for the link to be added to my advanced retreat registration mailing list. 😄 I can’t wait to read your shares. Photo: @codyapp. Outfit: @aloyoga.

Today is the last day of our family retreat in Canmore. We started the day with a leisurely morning. Honestly how do people leave the house before noon with a newborn? The rest of the day we sat in a coffee shop and talked about our goals as a family, individually, professionally, etc. We “graded” each other as partners to make sure our love tanks are being filled. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and neglect your partner since they’ll always be there, right? Wrong. Mike and I are committed to bettering our relationship every year. This means we have to be willing to receive constructive criticism. This took a lot of practice on my end. Hello ego... haha. 💖 One of my personal goals this year is to up my online presence. This means authentically sharing things I love (pictures of Adler, duh). I’d also love to share more useful/practical stuff... I’ve committed to blogging! What would you want to hear about? Yoga poses? Mom stuff? Recipes? I have a big ask of you as one of my “followers” if you’ve made it this far in the post take 5 seconds to leave me a comment. Leave one word you’re trying to embody in 2018. Mine is driven.

Today I worked out! This may not seem like a feat to most of you but I’m almost 2.5 months post c-section and finally feel like moving is good for my body. Prior to today I’ve mainly been doing myofascial release and super gentle asana. The past week I’ve done more asana and exercise. For the first time today I did a HIIT workout. It felt amazing!! Check out my instastory to witness my endorphins/post exercise high. I followed Day One from @yogawithbriohny and my @codyapp plan FitFlow. I wanted to find a cool workout shot from the plan to post but stumbled across this photo from FitFlow Strong and thought the world could use more hugs instead. The workout I did was short but effective. Four rounds of: jump squats, walking lunges, v-ups and high knees. I modified the last two exercises. For the v-up’s I lowered down onto my forearms for extra support and lowered one leg at a time. For the high knees I did mountain climbers or a static plank hold because these huge breastfeeding boobs were having none of the bouncing in high knees. For the workout you work for 30 seconds and rest for 10 before moving onto the next exercise. If you want to try HIIT out go explore the link in my bio and experience a free week of the @codyapp. 👌🏼 Rocking old school @aloyoga. ❤️

coffee & baby snuggles. Two of my favorite things these days (in no specific order).😍 Adler and mommy (yes, I’m referring to myself in third person and as mommy. I’m turning into that parent. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️) have been enjoying a lot quality time at @meetingwaters.ab. It’s a new coffee shop in town that I’m obsessed with. Being from Seattle since moving to Red Deer I’ve desperately missed a place that I can be cozy, do work, hang out and drink coffee that isn’t Starbucks. I’ve found my new home here. In my opinion it’s so important to support local. Seeing as though I’m married to our local farmer @steel_pony I may be incredibly biased. 😜 Here are some of my favorite local spots: @troubledmonk @breathingroomrd @prairiegoldmeat @thefloatshack @absolutefitnessrd @heritage_ranch @roosterswfs to name a few. How do you support your local community?

Happy New Year! While many of you have likely made productive decisions to start the New Year off right Mike and I decided to finally start watching Game of Thrones. If I stop posting you know why. 😜

My #bestof2017 were mostly pictures of Adler so I figured I’d give you some fresh ones! 😍 He’s clearly a natural in front of the camera just like his mom! 😜😂😂 His facial expressions kill me. ❤️ As the last few hours of 2017 slip by my wishes for you are that you spend time reflecting about what is important, what you value, and what brings you joy. I hope that in 2018 you invest your time and energy into more of those activities, people, and things. If I can help facilitate something for you within my scope I am happy to. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me. Happy New Year! Be safe tonight. xoxo, MacKenzie, Mike and Adler 😘 Thanks @erica.jung for this cute onesie!!

What my days look like now... wake up. Feed Adler. Diaper change. Have ☕️. Adler falls back asleep or has some awake time (as seen). Mommy tries to sneak in some movement. Get spit up on. Diaper change. Cuddles. Adler eats. Mommy eats. Repeat until it’s morning again. 🖤 Yesterday I humoured myself and decided to try pressing for the first time in 6 months. I lost my press fairly early in my pregnancy, so it had been awhile. To my surprise I was shocked that on blocks I could do it. I’ve repeated it multiple times since so it’s not a fluke. Pressing from the ground isn’t happening yet, but I’m sure with time it will. It’s incredibly empowering feeling some of my strength again. Moving and flowing slowly has also felt really good. My body is certainly different (still only being two months post c-section), but parts feel quite familiar too. I give thanks every day for this beautiful vessel that carries me through this incredible life and gave my our son. 🖤 Yes, we are those people... We leave our Christmas tree up until after New Years Day. How about you? 🖤 Feeling like a badass ninja in my extreme ripped warrior @aloyoga leggings.

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