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colson.  cleveland raised xx 2️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ 😈🔪🕷🥀💔 EST

it’s our last day filming The Dirt aka one of the gnarliest, rawest, and most rocknroll movies of all time...and it’s all based off the true events and insanity of the Mötley Crüe. 😳😜🤫🤮🤑🤕😎🚔🚨🏍💰🥃🤘🏽ive played the role of another person for 3 months and had some of craziest nights of my life living it — part of me is lost in it not wanting to go back to real life but it’s time to start my next chapter. Ima miss all the friends I’ve made on and off set, thanks to the production crew and the whole city of New Orleans, ur in my soul forevaaaa. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 stay rad — tommy. 🖤🤘🏽
PS: if u haven’t read the actual book “The Dirt”’s fucking insane. 📖👀 @netflix

i don’t get why they say sunday mornings are easy. 🍻🍄😵🌦🥀

shouldn’t have ran her away. 💔🥀

27 cities, 27 shows, 27 years old. we just released a half hour episode following us around Europe on #The27Tour 📷: @j_wozy LINK IN BIO

i wrote “Habits” because i was tired of hiding behind a false smile and a bullshit truth. i heard my daughter singing it last night in her headphones and it tripped me out because how could an 8 year old connect with those words, but i forget, she’s been around me in my darkest times, seen things i never wanted her to see, kept me from quitting like a fuckin loser, and she maintained a smile the whole time. im nowhere near the greatest dad, but at this moment, i am the most grateful one. xx 🖤🖤

my little one sent me to work with a cupcake she made. im fuckin dead. 😭🎂🖤🙏🏽 xx #PapaGun

for the girls out there too good to be true 😍🥀👑🎵 im looking for you 😈 @dannyavila x @thevamps x gunner SONG OUT NOW #ToGoodTooBeTrue

it’s monday and my first day off...SAY IT AINT SOOO-whoaaa-whoaaaa 🤓🤘🏽🎸

her first day on a skateboard 😍😍 my little badass princess shreddin the streets could make me tear up 😭👑🤘🏽

im taking my new girlfriends on a date tonight. 😍🥀🎸🎸💦 xx

i usually wouldn’t post a pic like this but this bag is a ridiculous size and it’s essentially just a gucci grocery bag carrying other gucci bags...and it’s all just ridiculous 🤷🏼‍♂️

straight from a photo shoot in Nashville to the movie set in New Orleans 🎬🛩 this is the coolest day ever. dreamed of times like these!! 🖤🖤xx

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