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Mason Woods  Follow me to explore 🌤 Showcasing the wonders of the world 🌎 USF Geology 🌋 #vegan #conservation #leavenotrace 🔹Tampa, Florida

What’s your favorite thing to see pictures of, mountains, forests or water? Comment below and let me know! ⛰

Fall is definitely coming. I’ll be documenting The Real Florida over the next few months, and I may even disclose some of my favorite locations. Please, turn on post notifications if you like my work, so you never miss one! Much love everyone. 🍁

No matter where you go in this world, you can find an incredible spot, big or small. And the best part, if you have to search, you might be the only one there. 💥

The ribs of this spring lead to the heart of the aquifer, a window into the soul of the Earth, gushing life giving water. I take one last breath, feeling the current gently push it’s way past my body. Deeper I go, entering free fall. Without effort, I descend forty, fifty, sixty, and finally seventy feet to the entrance of a horizontal cave. My heart rate is a mere fifty beats per minute. My friends are floating high above, watching carefully. I’m at peace. 🧜🏻‍♂️

I’m back in Florida and will be posting more Florida beauty, please show your support by liking my posts and commenting if you enjoy them, it’s important for me to reach my goals of gaining exposure and more opportunities. Fall is coming.🍁

The flowers bow to the sun, they rely on it for life. The sun could care less. The sun goes about it’s business, unaware that anyone might give a damn if it wasn’t there. ☀️

Sometimes, there’s no way in hell we’d be able to stop and smell all of the flowers. 🥀

As I move through to a new phase of my life, not a new chapter, but a new book in the series, life starts to feel a lot like this image. It’s mysterious, cloudy, uncertain, scary even. But it’s beautiful. It’s undeniably beautiful to be unaware of what lies ahead, to be excited for something new, and to live in the moment. A bittersweet surrender to the unknown. 🌪

I wonder if the flowers know that they have been arranged so beautifully, it seems impossible to me that they would be unaware. I wonder if it is only our eyes that see the beauty, if it is just a fabrication of human aesthetic. Or is it true, unequivocal beauty, beautiful by nature and by design? 🌷

Burney Falls was a safe haven for us, as we descended into the basin out of the triple digit heat, the temperature dropped significantly. The falls pounded against the water, creating a pleasant mist, welcome moisture amongst this dry land. Water seeps from every wall, millions of gallons of it, nearly as cold as ice. But it seems to come out of nowhere. Just half a mile upstream, there is not a drop of water, the ground is dry as bone. All of the groundwater in this massive watershed coalesces here, in this comparatively tiny basin, making for a dramatic scene year round. 💦

Not every photo has an epic story and setup, sometimes a photo is just a perfect example of an environment, it’s representative of a feeling or an aesthetic. A good photographer is not limited by the need for complexity. 📸

What most people don’t know about the plants of the high desert is that they have evolved to survive extreme conditions year round. Receiving only a few inches of rain in the summer and tens of feet of snow in the winter, many of these hardy little plants live to well over one hundred years. This particular species was John Muir’s favorite flower, the Mountain Pride. It can live to be eighty years or more. Watch where you step! 🌷

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