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As winter comes to a close, outdoor activities at home in South Florida come to a screeching halt. Well, at least for me. Come April, we’ll have temperatures easily reaching 90 degrees and more, and I’ll be gone, to the mountains or the Southern Hemisphere. My little partner and I went out to enjoy some of the last few bits of good weather, and maybe even spot one of the rarest flowers on the planet, the ghost orchid. 🌸 <- (it looks nothing like that.)

A gusty day atop Quandary Peak, usually one of the easiest 14,000 footers in the area to climb, turned out to be pretty gnarly as we were battered by wind and ice. And what do you know, a rare photo of myself. 🏔

Setting up the Nallo 4 from @hilleberg_the_tentmaker at sunset on the snow near a hot spring, somewhere on the Colorado River, with @mralari. Winter camping at it’s finest. ❄️

The water that resulted from the melting ice was a brilliant sky blue, but once the lake really started to open up, the tannin-stained lake water began to mix perfectly with the melt, producing this unique play of color that we hadn’t seen before and never saw again. 🌎 If you didn’t already know, a photo book of my photography and writing is available for pre order, more details in my previous post!

‼️Big Announcement‼️ Thanks to support and encouragement from friends and family, I have finally created a book of my photography. Featuring photos and stories of my travels in the United States, from west to east, Hawaii to Maine, I’ve titled the book “Complacent States”. It is the culmination of my work over the years, and it is just the beginning. They are hardcover, 10x10, high quality coffee table sized books, and will be available at $39.99 each. 😉(printing costs are high.) Pre orders start now, contact me by any means necessary to let me know you want one. They will ship out mid February. To all of my friends, family, followers and fans, your support means so much to me, now is your chance to show it! I love each and every one of you. Thank you for taking this ride with me! 🌎

As @mralari and I drove up and over this pass, skiers and snowboarders reached out their thumbs for a ride back up to the top. We would have given them a ride, if our tiny Honda Fit wasn’t already full of skiing gear. Above the tree line, the wind was ripping, and fresh powder was whisked out into the sky, giving the ridge-line a unique glow. ❄️

7,231 likes to 60 posts in 2017.
What I found most interesting about this was that my most liked photo was one of myself. That’s not the intention of my page, but it is sometimes more relatable than the outlandish locations I photograph. My intention is to show you what we have to lose, and to show you what is at stake. To show you the natural world and it’s wonders, in the hopes that I can change your perception of it, for better or for worse, in the name of conservation. This is often under the guise of a photo where everything looks fine, more than fine in some cases. But as a pristine environment becomes ever more rare, I intend to showcase environments that are not so pristine in the coming years. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for a calendar and coffee table book I’ll be releasing soon featuring my photography around the world. 🌎🌍🌏📸

A perfect winter scene over a frozen stream. ❄️🍂

I wasn’t always an effective photographer. Very few of my photos came out the way I imagined them to. The lighting was almost always off, colors weren’t right, I didn’t even have a program that would allow me to correct any of it. It’s taken dedication to my craft to be able to consistently produce quality photos, and I’m still learning more every day. This was a shot from my teens that came together perfectly, exactly the way I had imagined, and I was grateful. 🌎

In Florida I don't usually get the pleasure of experiencing the seasons, but in the north where the springs are, colors are popping. 🌈🍂

Missing bummin' around the valley, hiking on days we should have been resting. New pics from new trips coming! 📸

My trip to Kauai earlier this year was EPIC, we saw as much as we possibly could and didn't exactly play by the rules 😉link to the full video in my bio! 🌴

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