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Wine with great company ❤️

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedule to celebrate my 24th birthday this past weekend. You all made it a memorable one. Much love Mi Amigos 😘

We were young children once, aspiring to become bus drivers 😂 (franny reminded me). You exceeded that dream and went on to receive your B.S in Psychobiology, Minor Neuroscience. You've defeated the odds when some doubted your abilities and developed into an extraordinary women. You are a inspiration to me and I know you'll go on to fulfill more of your dreams. I love you bestfriend and congratulations on your achievement! 🎓 #BSinsass #1degreehotter #brainsandbeauty
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Today you graduated and I know you walked that stage like a queen. I really wish I was there to share that momentous moment with you, but you know how much I adore the woman you've become... Congratulations FAM and I love you so much it's sick!! #grownwoman #1degreehotter #proudfriendmoment

Does my mother get under my skin? YES! Can I see an existence without her? HEEEEL NAWW! Am I blessed to have her as a mother? Most Def! There's no one I argue with more but at the same time have full respect for. You have been the rock to our family since day one. At this point in your life there's no wrong you can do. I admire, respect, and fully love the mother you are. Happy Mothers Day Mamabear! #superwomen #mothersday #demeyes

I was probably thinking... Should I have a sautéed mushroom burger with aioli sauce or a salad? What do you think? #beautyofnature #slayinnature #harddecisionsinlife
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Even though the weather is gloomy and the rain may have interfered with any plans, Mother Nature is a work of art. 🌬🌧☔️ #beautyofnature #dontrainonmyparade #calineedsrain
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Each year you grow to become a more compassionate, intelligent, and supportive sister. You know how much I admire the person you are. You are my Kelly to my Beyoncé! We couldn't be more blessed to have a sister/daughter like you. You absolutely hate my sappiness but I love you to the moon and back!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BRUHA!!! 🎉🎊🎁🎈🎂 #birthdaygal #youwasbornonthisdayboo #cakecakecakecake #howoldisyou?

When nature calls, you pick up and accept the invite. So happy outdoor season is upon us again🏞! #thegreatoutdoors

It's a beautiful day to soak up some vitamin D!🌞 #beautifulweather #idealspring #loveforrayban

Prepped, baked, and served #handmodel #filteryoself #deepfriedoverbaked

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