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So suffering is just some drama we make up. It’s a total choice. Enjoyment is just choosing to enjoy. It’s as easy as giving up the righteousness and control freakishness that drives us insane. You never had control over circumstances to begin with, so give up that futile effort. Enjoy no matter what. Enjoy the bullshit and drama and insanity or suffer. It’s fun to enjoy. The only guaranteed “control” is your inner state of being. It’s what you focus on and the meaning that you apply to it that gives you the experience you experience. #enjoynomatterwhat #aseasyasyouletitbe #ashardasyourmakeit

Start now, by ending. What is beyond the overlay of what you think is happening? See if you can be here and pause the thought programs for a moment. Beyond definitions, identities and games. What is this? The answer before the question. The quesanswetioner. Break up the pattern. What does your mind make of something it can’t? Thusifjeldjdefsxf. Hmm? Dngiancjensksbfcxs. Take the needle off the track and listen.

Once there was a human being and once there was a planet. Once there was a human being who wondered all about it. Once there was a human being who yearned for unification. Once there was a human being who realized the once it was; the harmonization. Do you see how you experience everything all at once? Instant. Once there was a human being and once there was a planet. Once there was a unified earth once upon a time. Once there was time. Once there was no time. Once it realized once it was, the One it knew it all. It knew it all and was it all, and all it was it was. Once it Saw the unified earth once it Was the unified earth. Once it saw the synchronization, it synchronized as the unified nation. Every reality experienced is creating itself instantly. Once it thought of future, once it thought of now. Once it thought of past ideas and once it wondered how. Do you see how it’s now? The young dogs and old kids crossing slowly will always be, and always have been. The sign was made, and made the being who signed the sign. The oversoul conscious of a planet is the entire planet experiencing everything at once. 🌏 Talk about ecstasy. Imagine all the billions of human experiences right now. That’s you. That’s just the local you. Now imagine infinite timelines and every world and being ever created. That’s you. Now imagine nothing. That’s you. Allllll at once. 1111

Can you see has nothing has value until you be it value? Nothing exists until you entertain it. When you focus on anything it becomes real. Take judgements for example, they have no bearing on you until you believe in them. Then you become them. Love, adoration completely self created. It is obviously made up. All of it. Here’s something to play with; realize you are your reality. Realize you are walking around within yourself. You are not in a thing, you are hallucinating a holographic reality. When you eat an 🍊 you become it as it becomes you. When take a breath, you give a breath. When you drink, you pee. So giving and receiving is one act. Who give to who? You cannot have desires without them already existing. Do you think the thoughts or do the thoughts think you? Are you the god and the human? How can you be both? One. Surely I can’t be all of what I see, says the voice of separation, I am different says the identity rooted in separation and fear. Love sees itself wherever it goes and that is all it sees. Fear sees itself everywhere because that is what it is. You become whatever you focus upon. See the power of your free will? You chose every moment you’ve ever experienced. You’ve been every reality you have ever experienced. In fact every reality you experience you have already experienced if you take away ideas of time and separation. Each moment is a recognition of you.

Imagine that interview at the end of this lifetime. The one with all your homies on high. “How was it?” “Did you do what you went there to do?” “Did you get crazy and confused like a lot of them in that reality domain?”
“How was the experience of depression? Or anger, I want to go for the earth theme park, it sounds amazing!” maybe it won’t be so literal. Maybe you will just feel all of infinity at once. Joy, love compassion ecstasy bliss all at once overwhelming you into complete knowingness and unity. A remembrance as a lifetime flashes before your eyes. What a dream that was. “Did you do what you wanted to do? Were you the person you imagined you would be? What games did you play? Did you kill anyone or be killed? I hear that is quite the experience for beings who belief death is a thing. Very exciting stuff. Imagine the infinite universe in all its infinite forms. You chose this. You chose this earth, and his version of you. Billions did. There must be something to it. I mean if you could have chosen anything in all of infinity, why did you choose this? The amazing part is that we can belief it’s nothing special. Your angel friends will ask you all about the earth movie “how was it when you fell in love after you had been so conditioned to separation?” “Remember when you listened to our guidance and it was fun and everything worked out in perfect synchronization?” You see you cannot experience anything except from the point of experience you choose. You cannot experience humanhood without taking the dive. You won’t know what it is to be an angel until you choose that. There’s no objective reality. Everything is a subjective co-creation the universe plays out with itself. It talks to itself through us and our many forms and choices. We are it. It is us. Each perspective is valid you see and judgement has no purpose, for right and wrong and value judgments have no authority within infinity.

Many people are told they are less than. Some are told they are better. If neither exist, why bother? Why spend energy entertaining pointless ideas of worth. Symbolic references. Better than _______. Worse than ______. None of it make sense. Comparing yourself to anyone or anything is pointless. You are you. Enjoy yourself. 💗

To deny love is to deny everything. Humans are masters of denial. We have accomplished great feats of resistance, judgement and struggle. An incredible act to go against the universe in its entirety. Well done. A+ love is easy. Love is ever present, in your face, in your bones. Let go and love. All you will lose is the resistance that has caused you all the suffering you ever knew. 💞

When two people fall in love it is a powerful act. An agreement of two individuated aspects of the one to synch into resonance. Blowing away all ideas of two, as resonance fields merge. Telepathy ensues. Unity experiences. If you wish it, the entire universe can be the lover you are unified with. Eventually, the entire earth will know itself as unified love dancing within the One. Imagine the level of synchronicity and harmony when everyone loves everyone. When everyone recognizes and completely accepts everyone else as the unique awesome loving expressions that they are. Imagine that. You can be the lover of all of you wish. We are trained to judge and react. Instead of such folly, see what it is to totally love and accept everyone as they are in every moment. What does that do? For you, for them...

And what would you wish upon your worst enemy? Why absolute love of course! For in absolute love, all ideas of other and separation, all judgements, vanish! And you see that these biases and opinions become valueless. They melt back into what is ultimate and real; love. True value is love. Nothing trumps it. Here, now. You. You are the gold. Your are the present. You arrrrre the fulfillment.

Being loving with yourself is one of the most radical things you can do. It’s how everything changes. The way you talk to yourself, hold yourself, bathe yourself, walk, talk, and taste. All around, there are humans who have learned to devalue themselves, judge and chase things ideas of fulfillment. To breathe and enjoy the being you’ve chosen to be is available to you in every instant. To listen with love and speak with love. There is nothing more powerful than you loving. As you love, you realize everything in love.

Be aware of the thoughts you think, for it’s the thoughts you think that you create with. If you don’t like something, change your mind, and focus on something you do like. Beliefs are thoughts you habitually think. Use the thoughts you wish to use. Ignore the ones that cause you suffering. Recreate your realiity. You do it all the time! Now do it consciously. Conscious creating. Think about something and watch how it shows up in your life. You always experience what you vibrationally match. Not in some far out, complicated spiritual spiritual fluffy way. In a simple way. Pick any symbol and think about it and you will experience it. Boom! Simple.

Self awareness is the key to everything. The end of everything we don’t like, and the creation of everything we do like. Self awareness. Honor your preferences.

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