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This is the coal that keeps the lights on. This is the coal that is shipped to China, so that China can make things and ship things all around the 🌎 . This is the energy the human collective relies on. Fossil fuels. It doesn’t need to be judged. You don’t need to make yourself feel bad using this moving picture. We are creating lots of new forms and shapes and ways. Quantum energy devices will be what we use. Electrogravitic devices for our space craft, and whatever kinds of craft we need for our civilization. If you are inspired to design or create new ways, please act on it. Whatever it is, your here to create what is true for you. However it is you wish to express yourself please do so. Do not hold back the gift of who you are to this world. There is no right or wrong way. Many of us have appeared here to create completely new ways. 👽 🛸
#thegnomeshavelearnedanewwaytosayhoooRay 🌈 💫

Let it be known that we are all dreaming. Dreaming of humans dreaming of lives, and planets and stars and many things. Playing in a dream of dreams. There are many dreams within this dream. None are more important, more real, or less important or real, than any other. No matter how real something might seem to you in one moment, it will be gone in a moment. A flash of lightening is captivating for one moment, and then as fast as it appeared it disappears. An instant flicker. So too are all of the dreams we dream. All beings are dreaming, and all of the dream is dreaming of beings. 🌧 know you are one with all dreams, and all dreams are on with you. Pick the dreams you wish to play in, and dream on dearest wonder. #youaretheone

Only when mastering the preferred state of being, Irregardless of circumstances will one feel truly empowered and free. ❤️

Because the moment is all you actually experience, the only way you experience time is by believing in the idea of time. You actually have to make it up to experience it. Without the idea of time you do not experience it. Ponder this and play with it. If there is no time and space to bind yourself with, you are completely free now. So free that you can buy into ideas of time if you so wish #noobligationsguarenteed #nowemenating #pesentmomentguarenteed #guarenteedfreedomnow

The independence theme: How do you celebrate your independence? Do you need something to be independent from or can you be totally independent? Independent of independence ☺️ Completely free from all negative ideas. Easy. To be love is the easiest, because it is your nature. In this oneness, in this wholeness in this vastness, any thought or conflict is fleeting. While a raging forest fire may be vivid in one moment, it is gone in the next. Enjoy what is before you, enjoy what is within you. ❤️ #freeunconditionallove

Sit, and breathhhhh, and sit, and relaxxxxxx, and breathe deeper, and deeper, and open, and breathe, slowwwww. Breeeeeathe...

When you understand THIS moment is THE moment from which all you experience is created, you will find this moment quite the moment to be aware and present with. This is the moment that the future AND the past is created from. What you imagine as the so called “future” and what you imagine as the so called “past” are ever changing, based upon this moment and how you choose to align and focus your vibrational frequency. In reality all timelines collapse and overlap and intersect with this moment. The limited linear time perspective can be replaced with more of a holographic one. More fluid, malleable and playful. You can imagine a 3D web, or a 3D mandala with many points of awareness that all interconnect, that is ever changing as you change. When you begin to imagine and play with the now present that connects to all other nows, that affects all the moments you will or have experienced, it becomes logical to be fully present. To be in presence, is to be with infinity. Like an ever changing web, or the way that fireflies appear and disappear based on your movements or the way dreams come true as this dream your living, you can feel and sense this one reality that makes up all realities. Synchronicities and Deja vu’s are the recognition of the one moment from multiple perspectives. You can begin to chart out and intuitively feel the different probable timelines that come and go like waves of an ocean. We are each like beacons or temples of energy, points of consciousness radiating specific frequencies throughout this dream of infinity. And all the ripples in all the ponds are all expressed at once yet we choose to experience them one at a time. When we become aware of the state of being we are tossing into the pond and the ripple it creates, we see how this moment creates all moments. You are always radiating a reality frequency into the infinite and this is what you see and experience as the reality around you. It’s one. The ripple goes in all directions backwards and forwards and changes as you change. See it as continuous and ever changing, beyond he idea of cause and effect. You will begin to see into this timeless reality you’ve always been.
#presence ❤️

You’ve never had anything. Ever. Look at this experience you’ve created right now. It’s all here, eternally now. This One is you, and always has been. Ask the guy on this piece of paper. He is here. All of creation is here, now, all of it is one with you. Did you think maybe for a moment you were separate? Only in thinking do we experience such a marvelous illusion as separation. So why would you even need to have anything, if you are already one with everything? Ask yourself this. Piles of gold or paper, or friends or lovers, or houses or oceans, or shells or sand, or clothes. You are already all of it! You have everything you need and always have and always will in every momentary expression you will ever encounter. You’ve always been whole and complete. You are fully supported now, forever. You are ALL, and All is YOU. Align with any aspect of the One you wish to explore, and and play and dance oh infinite child Oneder! #enjoyyourself #infiniteoneder #thereisnoother #whereeveryoumayfindyourself #youarehome

To focus on anything, one becomes aligned with it. To be truly empowered one is in a natural positive, loving state, focused and aligned with what is preferred. There is nothing to fight or change. If you desire change, change yourself and act on what you are passionate about. Only when one is disempowered does one focus on something they do not prefer. Everyone who is upset about the world is choosing that state. Everyone who is happy is choosing to align with that state of being. Usually the disempowered individual will find things it thinks are more powerful than it, will judge it, and wage some form of opposition. This opinionated warfare, while convincing at first becomes less and less real or interesting as one is simply true to one self. Aligning with what is preferred and creating that preferred reality is your birth-write. You never change anyone else. You experience a new reality by being that reality. #selfawareness #insidejob #bethechangeyouwishtosee

And then, as if a storm had passed, all of what they thought life was all about vanished in an instant and life and they were available to it. Where every experience is exactly as it is, with nothing to be added or subtracted. No one remembered who they were, or what they were all about. Everyone simply enjoyed whatever experience they chose to explore. #presence #childlikewonder

What are you practicing today? What state of being are you generating for yourself and all who interact with you? In every given moment you change everything by changing yourself. What are you practicing today?

One relationship: relationship now. ❤️#onemoment #allourrelations

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