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The free society that is sought after comes from within. Most humans do not realize the power of their free will and the power to select viewpoints and beliefs that are liberating and empowering. You can see this in every human drama, political, state, business, family.
The drama is power struggle between individuals who do not realize they are free. When people realize they are free to believe, say, act and create from a place of freedom and empowerment regardless the circumstantial illusions around them, what is created comes from that place of free empowerment with no enemies to push against and no chains to break.
Self awareness is the key. The greater number of beings who realize this for themselves, the more free the society will feel and express itself as naturally. This will recreate all the old systems that are built on duality, and separateness, and will express itself as a dynamic wholeness with free individuated expressions creating something fantastic.
#insidejob #selfawareness #limitlessandfree #thereisnoworldtochange

One thing you can do at any moment is find the frequency of unconditional love within you. Forget about everything and breathe. Realize no circumstance of past future or present has any substance or meaning. It is all forgiven. Wash yourself in the unconditional loving frequency your body will naturally tune to as you breathe and allow. Reaction or judgement cannot compete with total loving acceptance because even them are loved into oblivion. All things, all beings, all moments in creation allowed to be with love. One moment.

Make peace, and be in love. The breath knows the way. The body knows this all accepting radiance.
Relax and breathe. Forget the words. Find the frequency. In joy.

Who are you with no reference points? What are you with no identity? Where are you without a world? What is really real? How can you prove it? A moment? Fleeting, nothing more, nothing less. There is so much to we build upon the structures we make up. Identities. Personalities. Structures of belief. When it all disappears and crumbles to nothing, what is there? What now moment do you know? What self do you portray? What you are you... when time is gone and all is now? What you do you choose for thisssss is now.

You can use various teachers and methods and ideas to stimulate inspiration into being yourself.... You can also tune to the highest loving frequency you can imagine and lovingly obliterate all obstructions you imagined, reminding you of the unequivocal pure loving beauty that you are.
A guru, ideology, or belief is never more important than you are. The mere fact that you perceive any wondrous incredible teaching or being is the known fact, that you vibrationally match that particular frequency, reminding you what you already have within and have known all along.
All discovery is remembering the various infinite aspects you forgot along the way 💜✨ #pureone ❤️

More and more you will find that you are what you focus on. You are what you entertain and what entertains you. You are the central focus. You are the moment you are. If you think poorly of the time prod or yourself you reinforce this perspective. If you think highly and love the magnificence of the one that you are and appreciate all the aspects you encounter, you are this. Your choice is your perspective and you allllllllways experience whatever perspective you entertain.❤️ return to love. Remember your wholeness, and the beauty of humanity. Be whatever vibratory state of being you choose to be! 💜✨

Breathe with this moment, and realize this is the moment you are. You are linked and woven with all that is for all time and space forever.
You can imagine oneness in many ways. This field is one and many ones. You can feel it. An entire orchestration made of one yet many seeds and flowers and leaves and one layer of soil to root into, made of many things. Imagine as you breathe, breathing one atmospheric breath and feeling the countless organisms you exchange information with at all times. A cascade and rhythm of breathing. This is beyond concept. It is beyond billions of humans or all of the machinery and cars and technologies we breathe with. It is the insects, amphibians, varieties of trees, countless birds, furry ones, and the masses of wingeds and schools of fish and dolphins and whales and on and on and on.
You are one with this planet as it is you. It is known. Feel it, breathe with it. Gaia sees through your eyes, and you know all beings for all beings are you. Feel into the aliveness that you are when you are a whole planet... and that is just one planet 🌏 ✨ ❤️

And so you explore whatever aspect of the infinite you choose. Surely you cannot meet every grain of sand here in one lifetime. Surely these lines of trajectory, cannot be explored all at once except by all beings in all timelines, which you ultimately are. This is why you conveniently have one body to navigate with.
Can you see there is no one way, and yet all ways are they way. Can you see that each pebble and line and grain of sand exists timelessly. There is no missing out. Nothing is left behind. You have always been, and always shall be, as all beings, all moments, in each and every snapshot of every reality are one. Intrinsically connected as the road is one, made of many, and many made of one. #infinitenow #parallelrealities #nobeginningnoend #onemoment

This that and nothing. My old friends. Sitting in timeless paradox:
“Is it this?
What about this?
Yup. This too.
And none of that?
Of course.”

This road of ascension is a road of letting go and letting go and letting go and letting go. To be lighter and clearer and fearlessly present. And what do we let go of? Nothing really. Just things we made up to hold on to! You know, like tightness in the body and confusing thoughts. Thoughts that no longer serve that create tightness in the body. And why do we let go of this weighted tightness? To experience the lightness of being. The lightness of being freely able to love unconditionally. ❤️

Kindness becomes the currency. More and more humans will learn to love and respect themselves and each other. Why? Not because someone told us to, or that it’s a good thing. No. We live more and more in present love as we learn to care for ourselves. No one wishes to suffer, so as we learn the various ways we have learned to suffer, we to drop those ways and learn new ways.
To judge, resist, or persist with anything is to suffer. It is like a subtle war with the universe, the one, the self. It is an argument of what is not. A child mind throwing a tantrum.
So when we learn to be present and accept the ever unfolding moment, we are free to enjoy and experience all the gratification we sought beyond the moment and pretended was elsewhere. It’s here, you are here. If you breathe, if you allow if you settle beyond layers of nervousness into the immortal awareness you will find what you were looking for.
We are all here. Thank you.

I was looking for MY CAR and all I could find was this big old UNITY. #one

There is a great invitation to enjoy. A softness, a subtle presence. Peaceful awareness. Kind, gentle. An out breath, a sigh. Welcoming all that is now as the constructs fall away. Letting yourself relax into being, is a very kind gesture indeed. You don’t need much when you allow. ❤️🍂 #allisgiven

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