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Been listening to Witt since he first started. He's gotten me through some rough times. Last night I not only had the chance to see him perform but also talk with him. The show hadn't started yet and instead of sitting in the back room waiting for his name to be called out, he came out and associated with his fans. One of the most down to earth people and super cool to talk to #TeamWitt #TeamWittAndTay??? #MakeItHappen #DreamingWithOurEyesOpen

"Lotioning. Oiling."-Squints

Thank you izzie for an awesome Halloween party!

Running through the six (valley fair mall) with my woes (my niece). Also catching Pokemon on a monkey. It's whatever. "Mckay get off. I'm going too slow!"

Graduated seminary today!🙌🏼📖🙏🏼 and afterwards my friends and I decided we would make a game of "find two things wrong with the picture" Ready. Go #FootworkGang #Seminary

Sr Ball was pretty sick! Thanks Nicole for taking me and being a fun date for my last dance🙌🏼 #ICanCheer #GiraffeGang #SrBallPrince #Lisps #FootWorkGang

I look at the past few years of my life and I promise you I have been given it mine
Try to keep up with this
I'm not a puppet, no string on my back, I'm one of a kind
PC: @erikdr4

PG prom✅ my date🔥 my group👌🏼our activities🙌🏼 our concert😉😎 my date🔥 (yes she deserves two!) thanks for taking me bai! I had so much fun!

Throwback to spring break. Aside from the Blackhawks and Bulls game, Notre Dame was my favorite #WeAreND🍀

Happy national siblings day including my mom, grandma, Joseph and Hyrum smith, and the Nauvoo temple. Excuse my face, we were looking right at the sun

I'm gonna miss you so much. Thanks for 12 great years of my life. All dogs go to heaven. "Another city. Another life." See you there

Smiles, kisses, and a smolder. It's been about 8 years since we've been together #CarlSandburgReppin


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