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Love, Lephan  |📍: Chicago |💻: {BLOGGER} Macarons & Lavender |🍾: Champagne Enthusiast |🍜: Recipe sharer |✈️: TBD MacaronsandLavender@gmail.com


What is this weather in Chicago? It feels more like California than Chicago. I was really looking forward to a long autumn!

Can we talk about how luscious these grapes look!? Makes me want all the wine!

Throw-Back-Thursday to when I was out of office frolicking in the California sun and eating fresh figs!

Sorry I've been a lil inactive lately, I've been working on something pretty spectacular! It maybe my best recipe yet. Stay tuned, I'll be back from my blogging hiatus next week!

Today is the final day for Roscoe Village Bourbon and BBQ fest. Make sure you guys stop by and enjoy one of the last festivals of the season! Good food, drinks and awesome music!

The donation to get in is only $5. Most people don't realize that this goes back into the community. I volunteer through @famous.fido at these festivals and a portion of the donations (after expenses are paid) that get collected at the entrance gets donated directly to nonprofits like Famous Fido.

Did y'all catch my stories from Saturday? I was literally geeking out over the process of how this Thai rolled ice cream was made!

I used to live in Chinatown Boston, now I'm on the north side of Chicago and never find myself in Chinatown. I miss having it as my backyard...

Green tea rolled ice cream from @legend_tasty_house.

Well, well, I've been tagged by a number of the loveliest people I know (@pantrygrubs, @stile.foto.cibo, @therescuerunway) to share 10 facts about myself. What a better way to kick off the work week? Amrite or amirite? (AND FOR MY 1K Post!!)
1) I actually am very uncomfortable talking about myself. I prefer to listen.
2) I grew-up in Rhode Island, but lived in South East Asia before I moved to the states.
3) I'm bilingual, I'm fluent in both Cantonese and English
4) I could eat seafood for every single meal.
5) I moved to Chicago from Boston and I constantly miss New England summers and New England culture.
6) I consider myself a champagne nerd/ enthusiast. I can tell you all about the process of making Champagne.
7) PBS and BBC shows are among some of my favorite programs to watch.
8) I have a goal to visit every continent before I die
9) Paris, France is my favorite city in the world, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and New Orleans, LA are among my favorite domestic cities.
10) I love and appreciate the art, creativity and technique that goes into fashion design and wanted to be a fashion designer until I realized I couldn't draw. I can sew, tho!

I'm nominating the following tagged people to drop some knowledge about themselves for us!

*link in bio to donate*❤️ Like all of you, the devastation Hurricane Harvey has left behind continue to shock and sadden us. @therescuerunway and I have teamed up to create a fundraiser in an affort to assist @houstonPetsAlive in their efforts to save the displaced animals effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Austin Pets Alive, a rescue shelter in Texas, in an interview with ABC news stated that their current projection is that by the end of this week, they will have evacuated over 1000 animals from areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Those numbers are bound to increase as the days go by. These animals will need shelter, food, water, medical attention and in many cases, new homes. During Hurricane Katrina, over 250k animals were left homeless.

We will be hosting a raffle, prizes have been generously donated by @raise and @sararoseontheroad. Please follow the link below and in our profile to donate. For every $5 donated, your name will be entered into the raffle. More prizes will be added.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Although, this fundraiser benefits animals, we do highly encourage you all to do what you can to help all of those in need. Therefore, if you donate to another Harvey related charitable cause between today and next Friday, please submit your receipts and we will enter you into the raffle. Each receipt will get you one entry.

This raffle will run for one week, Friday, September 1 through Friday, September 8 at midnight.

San Francisco, California boast some of the best Asian cuisine I've had outside of Asia. I require multiple visits for Vietnamese food!

Pictured on the left is a shrimp and green papaya salad. The salad is made with shredded, unripe papayas and tossed in a sweet and savory dressing.

Pictured to the right is Bun bo xao, a noodle salad topped with marinated beef, spring rolls and fresh veggies!

Location: Ben Tre Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine

Although, not a taco... this is still a sexy post for Tuesday!

The house made bread and uber thin frites that accompanied this burger was 👌🏻👌🏻. #thegirlandthefig located in Sonoma Square is the perfect charming little lunch spot after a morning of wine tasting. I did regret that I didn't order the duck confit, but that's just a reason for me to return! #sonoma

Officially missing Cali like cray.

My new goal, to be out out of office permanently...

Getting the last run out of my summer uniform.. you know, blue white and lots of stripes.

Also, my hat is currently on sale! Go grab yourself one at @whiteelephantdesigns!

California dreaming!

Greetings from NorCal! Now, brb on the hunt for 🍷 🍾 🍇

Tell me, how is the weekend already over?! Take me back to Sunday carb brunch with my fave @therescuerunway at @ellaellichicago

If we must Monday then let's do it right!

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