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Love, Lephan  |📍: Chicago |💻: {BLOGGER} Macarons & Lavender |🍾: Champagne Enthusiast |🍜: Recipe sharer |✈️: Amsterdam & Prague MacaronsandLavender@gmail.com


When In Amsterdam... you go to the Febo in the Red Light district for food out of a vending machine.

#Tbt to one year ago, in Paris.

S has decided that we would celebrate Valentine’s on the 15th vs. the 14th for the fear of crowds. So we took ourselves up to Trocadero on the 15th, Just before sunset and watched the Eiffel Tower light-up and sparkle!

We’re leaving for Amsterdam and Prague tomorrow to celebrate the good in our lives. Our due date was the 22nd. Since traveling is a big love of ours, it was fitting for us to do something positive, something that we love, to continue to find peace.
#paris #toureiffel

I have a confession to make... I did not complete Whole30. I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and that destroyed Whole30.

But, the few weeks I did Whole30 did teach me to put real foods into my body. I’ve taken that lesson and continued on with it. I’ve found that I don’t crave junk as much and prefer vegetarian meals.

I’ll continue to try and eat as clean as possible leading up to Amsterdam and Prague. Because... all the beer 🍺

Random days off are the best! I took a little break today to rest up before I start my new job tomorrow.

Lunch: pan seared salmon with braised fennel.

Have you guys entered my #whole30 giveaway get? Go check it out on my last past.


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Overnight Chia Seed Pudding was a nice change to my fried eggs.

I soak my chia seeds overnight in unsweetened Whole30 compliant almond milk. (Check out my stories for my recipe). I then topped it with a cara cara orange and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This chia seed pudding doesn’t really taste like much, the fruit helps give it some flavor.

Fruit is a bizarre topic to me when it comes to Whole30. You are limited to a couple of servings a day, it’s supposed to be consumed as part of a meal and not as a snack.

Now let’s talk day 5 (yesterday). I find that I’ve had no cravings, but I woke up at 3am last night and couldn’t fall back to sleep! I’m also starting to get tired of so much meat... Next weeks goal is to make hearty vegetarian compliant meals. Has anyone experienced this?
#januarywhole30 #vegan

It’s all about that breakfast! It’s become my favorite meal of the day! When I was pregnant I ate scrambled eggs every single morning, after I loss my baby, I unconsciously stopped eating eggs at home. I’d buy eggs just for baking. Whole30 has brought eggs back into my daily life.

Let’s talk about day 5... I haven’t noticed much of a change. I still have a mild background headache that I can’t seem to shake. We’re going incorporate some @corepoweryoga this weekend.

I have a really fun giveaway planned for you all this week. You don’t want to miss it!

Pictured: Ground turkey, spinach and Swiss chard stems topped with a two fried eggs and 1/2 avocado. #januarywhole30


I spent my afternoon food prepping and getting myself ready for the week (check out my stories to see what I made).

Our dinner tonight: Pork Chops with pan roasted parsnips, collard greens and sautéed bell peppers. #JanuaryWhole30


Kale errah day! I find that kale and eggs have become my favorite food combo.

I didn’t post my food yesterday because well, I forgot. I felt loopy and had a headache all day. I read that this is likely a symptom of day 2 and 3. Who else felt this way on day 2 and 3.

Pictured: Fried egg with sautéed kale and shredded zucchini. #whole30january


I’m so excited to start the process of resetting my body. I fought against this program for a few years, because I didn’t understand it. I assumed it was a fad-diet.

The truth is, we want to start trying to again this year. I want my body to be healthy, I want to rebuild a good relationship with food. My relationship with food and my body has been a hostile one. It’s time to repair that.

I’ve done juice cleanses and other obnoxious elimination cleanses (ones that I’m too embarrassed to admit). It’s time to learn to build a strong relationship with whole, real foods.

Pictured: Breakfast. Mashed sweet potatoes on a bed of sautéed kale, topped with a fried egg

Happy New Year, Friends! 2017 has tested my strength, my resilience, my body and my heart. It has helped me understand the true value of friendship and has forced me to reevaluate the important things in my life.

I am confident that 2018 will be the best year yet. Blogging will take a front seat again and I have big things happening in my professional life.

I’ve been fighting bronchitis the ENTIRE month of December. I potentially have a small stress fracture in my rib or a strain from coughing so much. I’m ending 2017 sober and on a z-pack and prednisone.

A special thanks to the greatest community and the greatest blogger/instagram friends! You guys make my heart light!

HAPPY 2018!

#tbt to last December in charming Savannah, GA.

Savannah’s recorded history began in 1733 when it was founded by General James Oglethorpe. General Oglethorpe gave the state of Georgia its name. Naming the 13th colony after King George.

Savannah is not only known as America’s first planned city, it is also one of the most haunted cities in the country. Oglethorpe laid the city out in a series of grids with 24 shady public squares that served as town meeting places and centers of business (22 of the 24 are still in existence). The city is said to be built on Native American burial grounds, contributing to its haunted story.

#verytandc #ihavethisthingwithdoors

Dude, last week was full of nonstop eating. It was my anniversary week, Thanksgiving and a random trip to @smallcheval (no guilt there). Major detox needed between now and Christmas! (HA)

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! Now, who is ready for the greatest time of year?!

Small Cheval Burger with Fries dipped into garlic aioli. #cleaneating (el oh el).

Paper Anniversary ✔️
Cotton Anniversary ✔️
Leather Anniversary ✔️

Happy Anniversary to the greatest travel and life partner!

📷: @cocoboardman

I’ve believe in doing things that make me happy. Food makes me happy. Over ordering at brunch makes me happy. You guys make me happy!

As we head into Thanksgiving, I want to let you all know that I am grateful for your friendships. Thank you for being my rock and showing me your love. My strength and resilience is all because of your support and kindness.

Pictured: The Kitsch’n
Mini Pancakes
Candied Bacon
Basil Pesto Omelet
“Green Eggs n’ Ham”...Sam

Did you know...
1) Elephants have greeting ceremonies when a friend that has been away for some time returns to the group
2) Elephants are social creatures. They sometimes hug by wrapping their trunks together in displays of greeting and affection
3) Elephants cry, play, have incredible memories , and laugh

Elephants are incredible creatures, it is not okay to hunt them, to bring them back as trophies. This presidency lacks all compassion and kindness. We should not allow Elephant trophies in this country.

@theellenshow is making a donation to @dswt for every repost of this picture with the hashtag #bekindtoelephants

My girl @rescueinstyle wrote a beautiful blog post today about other ways you can do your part to fight this injustice. Go check out her blog post. Rescueinstyle.com

Life is effing unpredictable, it can be brutal, unkind and unfair. I've been absent on social media as I recover both physically and mentally from the darkest days of my life. I hope my story will help women feel less alone.

I suffered an IUFD (intrauterine fetal demise aka a stillbirth). Our hearts are broken, but I'm optimistic that with time we'll heal and the waves of sorrow will come less frequently.

October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month and I'm nervously sharing my story on my blog. I'm slowly learning to be okay with not being okay. Please share my story, share this blog post, let's start a conversation about love, loss and women's reproductive rights. The energy I have in me is driven by the need to change the stigma behind pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, mental health, and reproductive rights.

Link in my profile. #pregnancylossawareness #ihadamiscarriage #infantloss

You guys, thank you for your love, support and patience. I've taken most of the month of October off. Up until now I've offered little explanation, I will. I've found the strength to share my story, it's an important one, it'll be posted tomorrow.

@orangechicago has some of the best brunch in the city. The whimsical frushi is always a must order for me. They also offer a pancake flight. 🥞🛫

There's two locations in the city. One in Lincoln Park and one in Roscoe Village.

Pictured: Frushi (Fruit Sushi)- fish not included 😂🍣 #orangechicago

#tbt to the nonstop Vietnamese food while in San Francisco! I haven't had too many cravings outside of fruit. The other day I ate three apples... not normal.

I find that Chinese and Vietnamese food are some of the few cuisines that I don't find repulsive.

Pictured: Garlic Noodles with 5-Spice Chicken
Restaurant: Ben Tre, South San Francisco

You guys, Scrappy is excited to announce that he will be a big brother early 2018!

Head over to le blog to see more pictures and our pregnancy announcement! Link in profile!! #lepetitbebe #ontheblog #blogged

Now, this is more like it Chicago! Give me all this fall weather so I can eat all the Pho! 🍜🍜

This noodle soup dish is one of my ultimate comfort food go to. This is something I need to learn to make!

Location: Pho 888, Argyle Street, Chicago

Chicago's Argyle Street is perhaps one of the neighborhoods I don't visit enough. It's surrounded by never ending options of Vietnamese food. My go-to is usually Tank Noodle or Pho 888 and I'm pretty predictable in what I order, I'm a go to Pho Dac Biet girl.

Scott however is always willing to try different things. I had total food envy when his order came out.

Pictured: Bun Thâp Cam- Combination of Beef Wrapped in Grape Leaf, Shrimp Paste, Grilled Beef, and Grilled Pork Meat Ball

Restaurant: Pho 888

What is this weather in Chicago? It feels more like California than Chicago. I was really looking forward to a long autumn!

Can we talk about how luscious these grapes look!? Makes me want all the wine!

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