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My ASD/SPD "issues":
•No eye contact [Eye contact invites people in and gives them the idea you want to talk when I don't want to at all.]
•No touching
[Don't touch me, my dog, or my stuff in general]
•One word answers/ closed ended questions
[Unless I initiate the conversation, I'd rather not be having it.]
[I have a way of doing things everyday, every week, every well everything. I don't like when people mess up my routine.]
[I rarely take intrests into things but when I do I have a wicked tendency to obsess over it. My "lovie" for example. I like my sensory bandana, I carry it everywhere, I always have it. If I don't I freak out. I'm basically every 12 yr old fangirl when it comes to stuff I actually like.]
[I don't like squishy things, sticky things, the feel of those changing reflective cards and notebooks thingys, I don't like really dry feeling stuff. I dont like clothes that haven't been washed yet (brand new clothes on hangers). I smell everything. Drinks, food, clothes, products, etc. If I don't like how it smells I won't eat it, drink it, or use it. I hate most sounds. (Misophonia, is my best friend.)
I gag alot. If I have to chew something for too long, I gag and puke. (I'm not a huge fan of meat or gum because of said issue.) Sight is the only sense I'm really not bothered by. ]
•Body language
[I've yet to learn how to speak my native language with other humans and now there's anothe language I am supposed to know of....😒]
•Mind reader
[Alot of times I can't tell how someone reacts or feels about something I've said or done. I don't care enough to ask either but sometimes my therapist will explain stuff to me.
•Others emotions or feelings
[I lack empathy. I don't care about other people or their feelings majority of the time. Don't take it personally. Once I like you then I start to slightly care...sometimes.
Whose someone I get compared to: Sheldon Cooper (the big bang theory) [I'm not near as intelligent but other than that, yep.]

Dear General Public,

Please. Stop. Saying. This.
A fellow SD team. [**Disclaimer**
My intentions are not to offend but to explain part of my personal thoughts on this subject. ] (Side-note: If I did offend you PLEASE take into consideration the fact that I genuinely don't care.)

#bigchairdontcare [Human has been having some weird issues for awhile now, she basically lives in the bathroom now but the tiles are nice for me, hopefully doctor human might be able to fix it with special potions.]
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~~~~~FAQ POST~~~~~
•Name: Macgyver (Mac) •Breed? Great pyrenees mix •Age? 12/25/15 •Gender? Trans. Jk. Male •Did you dye his tail? Yes
•Breeder or shelter dog? Breeder
•Type of Service Dog? Medical Alert and Response
•Is he your SD? Or for someone else? He is my service dog
•Is he friendly? He's trained to put up with people so...Yes. •Why do you have a SD? That is a personal question that I may answer at a later time. •How much does he cost? SDs like most working dogs are very expensive. They range in prices from $2,500-$40,000.
•Where can I get a SD? That is not an appropriate question to ask me, moreso a doctor or service dog program. •Where do you get it's vests? Most posts I have tagged the place where I got his stuff from, but some I just have types in the description. •Why the dyed tail? It makes him more recognisable. If he were to get lost or stolen, my chances of having him located or found are increased. Plus its cute. •Owner trained or program dog? Owner trained but I do work with some trainers for some specific things. •What commands or tasks does he know? DPT, retrievals, Break the spell, block/cover, alerts, get help, find mom, etc. •How long have you had him? I got Mac when he was 7 weeks old (2/11/16)
•Advice to (new) handlers? Don't compare yourself to others, don't give up, if possible meet up with other teams, get used to being the center of attention. •Public Access issues? Yes, they happen. Thankfully not often. Usually at places where there are communication barriers. •Fake service dogs? On the daily. Ignore them. Be cautious. Protect your dog and yourself. •Does he shed? Like crazyyyyy. He's a pyrenees mix so I expected that to be a problem to some degree. •Best things about Mac? He's incredibly loyal and sweet. He's naturally pretty chill for the most part (exception: tennis balls and flies lol) He is very smart but he can be a butt sometimes, it may take him some time and baby steps to teach him something but once he knows what to do he does it perfectly. •Favorite training tool? Clickers
•Least favorite thing to encounter as a SD team? Children. Wal-marters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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