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Mabel Low ❤️ from Malaysia  🌟Ideas sculpted to life (since 2012) 🌟Facebook/youtube:@mabelstory 🌟Custom orders : CLOSED 🌟 💌

Tell me your star sign ✨

#handmade #bookbox

Trying the #redrawthis challenge from #diebbiechallenge ebbiechallenge and it’s so fun!! As usual, i’m still not used to drawing chibis at a bigger scale so i had to zoom in on the pic so you can see the details on her dress. Used a micron 003 to draw those prints on her socks as well as her eyes ✨
Swipe to see @diebbie ‘s original art so you can compare our drawings. I loveeee her style! She draws such dreamy characters 😍❤️✨

A simple chibi like this costs usd$14 (RM55) each ❤️ you can change her skin tone, eye color, hair color and style, and of course her attire as well. Hopefully by the end of this year, i’ll get to find time to compile a chibi look-book / wardrobe just for fun - or perhaps it could help some of you visualize what chibi you want as i understand some of you prefer to not send me pics of yourself/loved ones for privacy sake. ❤️ it’s gonna be another big project since i’ll need a platform to do it so maybe i’ll use Patreon and make a catalogue as a public blog post. 🤔
I also think i’ve been dwelling in the planning phase of this for toooooo long and it’s time to actually put it into works and build it bit by bit. ✨💪🏻✨ #handmade #airdryclay #custommade #customorder

Comparing the vibrant and pastel rainbow unicorns ❤️ my customs are officiating closed until further notice! Will be pretty busy on this big project (wrote all about it on Patreon) so i’m not sure when i’ll reopen it but hoping to open one last round for your Christmas needs lol! So i may reopen them around September... ❤️ #handmade #unicorns #rainbow #airdryclay

The third chibi from the same client ❤️ i cannot express how much i love these designs! I was given a picture to sculpt to live and whenever i get such detailed customs as these, i get super excited and nervous at the same time - it’s quite a good feeling hahaha. Like you get a boost of adrenaline 😏 if you noticed, there are two strands of gold strips near her waist and i’m so pleased that the effect turned out nicely! #handmade #airdryclay #commission #miniature #chibi #customorder

Another super detailed custom chibi i was commissioned to make ❤️ love it when i’m given designs that are intricate like this 😍❤️✨ #handmade #airdryclay #chibi #custommade #commission

A super detailed chibi i had the honor of sculpting for a custom order ❤️ Two more days til my custom order intake closes - no idea when i’ll reopen it due to my current big project so feel free to dm/email me if you have anything in mind for August onwards.
#handmade #airdryclay #chibi #miniature

Custom chibi made as a gift ❤️ thanks for sending in your questions via my insta stories! I had so much fun answering all your questions 😄❤️✨ i’ve compiled them in my highlights in case you missed the earlier ones ❤️ #handmade #airdryclay #clay #chibi #bald

Custom order made as a birthday gift ❤️ remember, my custom orders are closing this Sunday :) #handmade #airdryclay #clay #birthdaygift #giftideas

Rainbow unicorn! ✨❤️✨ reminder that my custom order intake is open now until 15th of July. Please plan early if you want something made for August / September because i’m not sure i’ll be closed til when - got a biggggg project that i’m currently working on (deets on my June Update post in Patreon). #handmade #airdryclay #unicorn #rainbow #miniature

Featuring @zantistic ‘s gorgeous cat as a onesie, sculpted for his wife ❤️ i absolutely love the comparison photo he took of the figurine with his actual cat! His photography skills are just on point 👌🏻😍❤️ thanks so much @zantistic for letting me feature your pics too! ❤️ #handmade #catonesie #chibi #airdryclay #clay #sculpture #figurine #giftidea

Two bunnies in a goji berry ✨🐰❤️✨ this is made together with the previous set and i super love this cute idea!! #handmade #airdryclay #bunny #gojiberry #kawaii #miniature

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