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mabelisaklutz  Random. Short tempered. Crazy cat lady. Photos taken with: HTC, Samsung S3, Samsung Note 3 & currently Samsung Note 4.

Healed and very happy with this new ink. Thank you once again, @graffittoo 😄
#dandelion #watercolortattoo

This is my absolute favourite buy from Korea. I've always wanted to get them an elevated bowl cos twister is really tall and every time she hunches over to eat didn't make me very happy. But all the sellers in singapore sell these things like they made of frigging gold. 😡 and this was less than 10 bucks there! So there. They have an elevated bowl. Not makeshift ones from daiso anymore. :D

Cold green green in town today. So I did this with left over receipts. Hahahaha.

Desperately trying to win a contest. Hahahaha.

It was a misty rainy day. Thank you to @jasmine_teo for bringing the 路痴 there. Hahaha. And i am happy to report, the coffee and food was really good. :D

Scabbing and slight peeling. Looks like it's recovering well. :D #graffittoo #watercolortattoo #dandeliontattoo

We are leaving South Korea tonight. Much thanks to our lovely #airbnb (@blooming7462) and hotel hosts during this 2 week stay. Grateful to meet such gracious people during this 2 week stay. Much thanks to @graffittoo for the awesome ink as well. Thank you all and we will be back again. ❤

Potato soup takeout the other night in the hotel because I couldn't walk anymore. Yummehs.

It's 5°c tonight. I'm in a tee, skirt, leggings and just a knit cardigan heading towards Namsan Tower. I need a large hot latte if not I might freeze to death.

It is done.

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