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mabelisaklutz  Random. Short tempered. Crazy cat lady. Photos taken with: HTC, Samsung S3, Samsung Note 3 & currently Samsung Note 4.

Thank you for noms. <3

All i heard was weeks of complaining. No. I am not gonna dig through files all over again because you are incompetent. And yes. I am not very nice when bothered with stupid.

Thank you to @xynntang once again. 😘😘😘
Winnie looks like 老板娘, ahteo was hopping like a child and evelyn had to 抓 the child to come back take pic. HAHAHA. #sfc10週年
#sfcsg #showlostage
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We basically hounded them for this shot. HAHAHA. 做人要有頭有位
Omly took 1 pic during the first year. On the 10th year also need to take 1.

Hehe. Thanks @xynntang for the paparazzi shots. Kekeke.
#showlostage #sfc10週年 #sfcsg

Skipped work for dinner. Sorry laoban. This marks 10 years in this fanclub.
謝謝你 @showlostage. 晚餐吃得很包。謝謝你這10++++ 年帶給我們的歡樂和笑容。也帶給我們那麽多好朋友~~~ 😍😀❤
#showlostage #sfcsg #sfc10週年

7 early 8 early.

So many memories from the last 12 years. From crying at his first ever concert. To crying because he apologized when we couldn't make it in time to his departure. To the fights that happened during his events. Having my face plastered all over the headlines during his OMY win. The countless days of sleeping less then 3 hours. The stoning at hotel lounges just cos we were too tired to move. To the friends that came and went. Thank you, piglet. Your performance today rocked. Although i am not doing as much as i used to, you will always be my number 1 羅豬祥. <3

This is why we don't deserve nice things. #ofobike

Behold. The majestic pyramid of.... Whampoa. Hehehehehe.
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Meatballs, mashed potatoes and cheese omelette. Plating can only be this nice for a tupperware. Hahaha. I wanted to have vege instead of omelette but my eggs already almost 2 weeks. Have to eat before spoil. Also i lazy to go buy vegetables. Lol.

Losing the lavender and just turning greyish silverish.

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