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MAAS  Our Collection and more at Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory & Museums Discovery Centre) Sydney, Australia.

On this day in 1975, Gough Whitlam poured soil into the hands of traditional owner Vincent Lingiari, symbolically handing part of the Wave Hill station in the Northern Territory back to the Gurindji people.⠀

This now iconic photo was taken by Mervyn Bishop, Australia’s first Aboriginal press photographer.⠀

This photograph is now on display in #MAASIcons at #PowerhouseMuseum. #MAAScollection

It’s National Science Week so we thought we'd share some objects from our wonderful #science collection.⠀

This is the Spectrum Splitting Prism, a photovoltaic mini-module that holds the current world record for converting sunlight into electricity, designed and made by the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, UNSW. ⠀

Read more about in our latest blog post - link in bio [] #ScienceWeek #MAAScollection

In mythology, sirens and mermaids, like those which decorate this beautiful nef on display in our brand new This is a Voice exhibition, were believed to use their enchanting music and voices to lure sailers to shipwreck themselves on rocky shores. Once heard, the siren’s song was almost impossible to resist, but the siren would die when those who heard their song escaped. Step inside This is a Voice, on now at the #PowerhouseMuseum, to explore the origins of #voice. #thisisavoice

Today we opened our brand new exhibition This is a Voice. Produced in collaboration with @wellcomecollection, it traces the material quality of the voice by looking inside vocal tracts, restless minds and speech devices in order to understand its complex origins.
During the early to mid-20th century in western society, interest in anatomy increased significantly. This wall chart in the MAAS Collection and on display in the exhibition illustrates the anatomical detail of the head, neck, throat and skin and shows the muscles, cartilage, nerves and ligaments in the enck and throat which contribute to vocal production. #thisisavoice #PowerhouseMuseum #voice #exhibition #anatomy

Our Winning Sky Photos 2017 exhibition opened today at Sydney Observatory. Be sure to check out the stunning images on display in this free exhibition, on now until 29 October. This beautiful photo taken by Peter Patonai showcases the region of nebulosity surrounding Rho Ophiuchi, one of the most colourful areas of the sky and a magnet for astrophotographers. On the night of this photograph, Comet Clark just happened to travel close to this region as seen from Earth, making this wonderful photo possible. #space #sky #photos #potd #astronomy #astrophotography

This dummy head in the MAAS Collection, used in ventriloquist performances, is featured in our brand new exhibition titled This is a Voice, opening Friday at the Powerhouse Museum. This exhibition explores the human voice, contemplates its power before and beyond words, and, in this case, how voices can be trained to be displaced or relocated, like in the act of ventriloquism. Don't miss this powerful new exhibition. #PowerhouseMuseum #exhibition #voice #thisisavoice @wellcomecollection #ventriloquist

This beautiful dress was worn as a wedding dress c1887 by Mrs Janet McDonald, an Australian Indigenous woman. It was donated to the Museum in 1986 by her granddaughter, a Mrs James from Cremorne, Sydney.⠀

We're looking for more information about this specific dress and Mrs Janet McDonald. If you think you might know or have a connection to her please contact Marcus Hughes, Head of Indigenous Engagement and Strategy here at MAAS on (02) 9217 0184.⠀

The dress is currently on display in our exhibition #LoveIsMAAS at #powerhousemuseum

For more information about the dress read our latest blog post - link in bio [] #wedding #silk #weddingdress #MAAScollection

Thanks to everyone who noticed our image was the wrong way up yesterday! Sorry! We've corrected it in our database now.⠀
This beautiful Chinese ornament is inlaid with kingfisher feathers. It was probably used to decorate head dresses for #weddings.⠀⠀
囍 The design is double #happiness motif which is a typographic ligature of the character ‘joy’. The #Chinese adored #kingfisher #feathers with their gloriously iridescent ultramarine to Turquoise blue hues.⠀⠀
The feathers were featured in ornaments as early as the Han dynasty(206BC-220AD). Over time, Chinese artisans developed sophisticated techniques to create a variety of embellishment for dress and accessories. Kingfisher feather jewellery was very highly valued and denoted status, wealth and royalty. #MAAScollection
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Congratulations @sarahgee111 our first #loveismaas competition winner 💕Our curators loved Sarah's beautiful family wedding portraits ❤️ Share an image that means love to you and use the hashtag #loveismaas to have your image displayed in Love Is...Australian Wedding Fashion 👰🏻 and go into the draw to win your very own star ⭐️ from Sydney Observatory ❤️#loveismaas #powerhousemuseum

Happy Birthday to all our horsey friends! 🐎🎂

On August 1st, all Australian (and southern hemisphere) horses mark their official birthdays. The date is based on the equine breeding season and is used to standardise horse racing, which uses the date to put horses in their age grades for races.⠀

We have some weird and wonderful items in the #MAAScollection including this set of painted plaster casts of horses’ teeth which show the stages from birth to an “advanced age”. They were purchased by the Museum in 1885 and displayed in the Animal Courts in the Museum’s old building in Harris Street, Ultimo. Horses were a vital part of people’s lives in the 1800s and early 1900s and the ability to determine a horse’s age was an important skill when considering buying a horse. ⠀

#horsesbirthday #horse #teeth #longinthetooth #toothy #powerhousemuseum

We have a number of anatomical models in our collection. ☠️💀☠️ This one is currently on display in the #exhibition Recollect: Health & Medicine at the #powerhousemuseum. ⠀
Search for more on our online collection site [link in bio].⠀

#Recollect #HealthandMedicine #health #medicinestudents #human #head #MAAScollection #anatomy #model

The Berliner gramophone is one of the foremost examples of the earliest talking machines produced. Berliner was the first company in the world to produce disc records commercially and this was the machine on which to play them. 🎼

This #Berliner #gramophone dates from about 1896. It is currently on display in #MAASicons at the #PowerhouseMuseum. ⠀

#MAAScollection #berlinergramophone #sound #music #records #vinyl

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