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Morgan Cornelius🕉 

A year long break and I'm back at it again. I just can't stay away. 🖤

My skin looks nice in this picture and that's all that really matters #amiright

When you got a cute tattoo a month ago but it's too cold to show it off.🙃

I saw 3 chipmunks today.🐿

Sometimes you go on the best hike of your life and then end up getting rescued by 13 different fire trucks all of which know your dad. #cestlavie 🌾

My school is cool 💚🐴 #artiehasheart

I ❤️ #pompuppies And I have #metal in my face. #septum #2016

Last football game 🤗🏈💚 #Artie #gochokes

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me💀 #halfface

My whole life had led up to this moment and I must say, I was not disappointed. 💙 #summerendsmusicfestival @manchesterorchestra

I 💚 the artichokes😄💪🏼 #chokes