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Crazy to think this was 9 years ago... #memories

With help from Huggies Little Swimmers, #TrainingFor2032 begins by safely taking the time to introduce your baby to the water. 💧Safety tip: Every baby needs a coach and flotation devices should never be a substitute for your helping hands. #thanksHuggiesforthepartnership

One year ago today... still speechless #memories

Just wanted to see how it felt to raise a golf trophy.... #inmydreams We had a blast playing in the @omega trophy event!

Pumped to watch this week.... big good luck to @jordanspieth !! #gogetthat @underarmour

Great day out there with the boys!! @pscpwm @rcberens @omega

A flashback to one year ago... I got to share the podium with these amazing teammates !! #goldmedal #usa @caelebdressel @nathangadrian @heldilox

During my shark week experience, I was lucky to meet some seriously cool people! However, one stands out, ‘Doc’ Dr. Samuel Gruber a legend of shark science. During his illustrious career, now 45+ years, he established the @biminisharklab a 24-hour 7-days a week research facility that works with sharks learning more about their role in the marine ecosystem. This little station is in the Bahamas on a small island called Bimini – it’s where I filmed for #sharkweek and is a shark fanatics dream! In this photo, you can see Doc with Nicole and I discussing his book #sharkdocsharklab – a book he produced to generate funds to rebuild his beloved facility in a green, sustainable, hurricane-proof manner. Check out their website @biminisharklab for a shark week special offer on the book and chance to come face to face with a hammerhead shark!
Photo: @tristanguttridge
#sharkweek #shark #sharks #saltlife #biminisharklab

This kid is on fire!! So damn fun to watch buddy!!!!@caelebdressel

So fun watching #teamusa compete at worlds !! Miss you all and finish out the week strong!! @boomerrphelps @mrs.nicolephelps @arschmitty are watching and cheering like hell!!

Juvenile lemon sharks are often seen 'hugging' the mangrove trees and roots, especially at high tide. Why? Mainly for protection. @sharksneedlove captured this beautiful image with over 20 newborn sharks surrounding her feet. Over a period of weeks the shark total dropped from 20 to just 6. Why? Predators such as larger sharks and barracuda are the main culprits, however humans still have an impact with Annie spotting fishing hooks caught in their mouths and wedged under their skin. Mangroves are an important nursery ground for these sharks along with stingrays, lobster, conch and an abundance of fish. These special habitats need protecting and we can help. How? Promoting and supporting sealife sanctuaries and MPAs (marine protected areas) are two solid examples of what we can do. How? Be a voice online, an educator or a tourist that supports both. Ecotourism is a great way that we, the general public, can help and contribute towards protecting and saving our wonderful marine life.
Photo: @sharksneedlove
#sharkweek #shark #sharks #saltlife #lemonshark #mangroves #conservation

Had a great time talking leadership, mental health and water safety with @SAP for #mywinningmove

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