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Yesterday was a big day, but there are many more to come , I'm so proud of my little sister not only did she reach a important milestone in her life she excelled with flying colors doing above and beyond and is already ready to go out of state to a 4 year University. It's a proud say to see my little sister following her dreams and attending a 4 year University before me 😅 I love u camisha keep shooting for the stars

We were not put here to pick up guns and kill each other, we are here to to look out for your sisters and brothers dad's and mother's , and if your not willing to help one another,you will never make it out the gutter. 💯😔

This amazing woman is my mother, my father, my doctor, my lawyer, my teacher, my mentor, my rock, my everything.
Without her I don't Kno where I would be today
Ay the age of 70 she took in 3 children, and single handedly changed their life for the better.
Out of the three 0 went to jail, 0 got or got someone pregnant, 0 dropped out of school, 0 were unemployed, all 3 accepted to a 4 year University,
That amazing woman is my grandma if she had not stepped in and changed our lives there is no telling the life we would have lived
If I could impact one life like she did ours it would be the best feeling in the world

When you look back at all the obstacles you have already overcome, you would be foolish not to expect more in the future.in order to thrive in this world we live in, you have to be stronger than you were yesterday everyday .

The evolution of currency is here from Floyd mayweather to 50 cents big names understand that the world is evolving. Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg the opportunity is here

"When you die do u want an obituary or a documentary"
it's not about the money, if I could change the world with 50 cents ide stop there

Life is full of ups and downs, but with every set back you can either crumble or thrive and make something out of it . Accept life's challenges ass opportunities to better yourself #blessed #blessingsindisguise

Treat every moment as if it was your last. And live like there's no tommorow 💯👌

Opportunities are nothing if you don't take advantage #grind #WG

I'm down for you so ride with me my enemies your enemies you ant ever had a friend like me -2pac

Free your mind and everything follows 💯

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