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Maryanne Redman  •16•Bridlington•LifesAGameOfNoughtsAndCrosses•

•Yano when you get a song stuck in your head? Yea you're like that, just less annoying, more pleasant, and make me smile more 😘💜 Donkeyyyyyy 🐴 LJR💕• #pouty #selfie #cute #girl #lfl #likeforlike #l4l #fff #followforfollow #f4f #vscocam #vscofilers #filters #pink #makeup #fleek #curly #girly #love #b&w #blueeyes #amazing #selflove #instagood #scfilter #fun #goofy #smile #happy #amazing

•Do I ever smile in photos? 😂😩 LJR 💕💜•

•Happiest I've been in a while 💕 Im kinda smiling so there's a change 😂 Happy Easter 🐣 by the way 💜💕He chose 🌺 •

•Messy hair, messy makeup, messy bed, can you see a pattern yet?😂kinda sums up my life 😂👀 quite like this one tbh 👀💕💜 classic G chord cuz I had no idea what to do with my hand 💁🏼👌🏼😂•

•Love me, hate me, use me, break me. It doesn't matter I'm stronger than I was yesterday but not as strong as I will be tomorrow•

•Moody little shit me 😩but yano ill survive 😘
Nugget chose 💕😘💜•

•Same shit different day 👀💜•

•Blurry images for a blurry mind. It hurts. Everything hurts. I need to get over it. Or so ive been told. You've no idea, you go about your daily life, im just here, possibly forgotten. Funny how someone who made you once so happy can now tear you apart on the inside, someone who once stopped your tears, only tears they caused were from laughing too much but they are now the reason that you doubt yourself at night wondering where you went wrong. Tried everything to fix it. I tried so hard, my best wasnt good enough. Maybe im never good enough. My best isnt good enough•

•Call me vain, yes i know. This weekend went way too fast 😩wanna go back to the rubbish phone signal and live in peace and tranquility 👀cant wait to be able to go again💕💜•

•What's life if you can't be a little goofy at times 💕😘 On another note, my hair seems to be growing so fast 😩👌🏼First time ive straightened it in like 2 weeks 💁🏼•

•Forever looking like a moody bitch 😂💕captions are ever so inspirational 😂•

•Little miss pouty over here 😘💜Lovin' my eyes in this 💁🏼😝•

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