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Trammell Logan  Founder/Owner of East Side Dance Co Dancer SoulCycle Senior Instructor Hip Hop dance class @Studiob_nyc

IT’S GOING DOOOOWWWWNNN!!! @esdanceco @studiob_nyc @bandier @khpr_nyc @tiarawithak
Look... the goal is to have fun, move your body, learn some moves, maybe get your ass kicked with a lil workout in the beginning 🤷🏾‍♂️, but mainly have fun and make some friends. I guarantee an environment where you’ll feel free to just be. We stress all day everyday sometimes, so why not come dance that off with a smile on your face the whole time? NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

I’ll leave it at that and hope to see ya this weekend 😁😁😁. Below are the instructions:

1 - Download the Mindbody app
2 - Search the @studiob_nyc schedule
3 - Sign up for my Sat 3pm class
4 - Show up and leave the rest to me 👍🏾😎👍🏾 LETS TURN UP!
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If our @soulcycle class isn’t this fun, then we’re doing it wrong! The constant turn up!!! Also, congrats to my bro @jrlkennedy on his 2yr Souliversary! @ketchuponyido @davidoofficial @yemialade
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Pic 1 - Me: so boom, this is how you do the face. Her: the face? 🤔🙄🤔 Pic 2 - Me: now check this out... add the point. Her: what is u doin big baby? You’re doing mad much right now.
Pic 3 - Her: U do you and imma do me. Me: okaayyy 😏😏😏

LISTEN TO LISTEN! NOT TO DEFEND! We jump at the opportunity to be offended without dissecting and understanding why we’re offended. What caused your initial reaction? Who told you this was wrong and why? You’ll find that a lot of times you’re not even offended, you’re just a creature of habit and defending a topic you were trained to defend, without education and without reasoning. Let’s stop the shit and work together to break these habits. I hope everyone who listens will accept this challenge to communicate with others. The days of turning the other cheek and ONLY protesting/standing for things that receive the popular vote are over... been over! And if you feel uncomfortable and conflicted with opening this dialogue, wouldn’t that be more of a reason to? don’t you think that’s an issue in itself? Let’s talk!

Now here’s a real TBT. Not gonna lie, I was type cute out here in these streets Lolol... j/p... but dead serious 🤷🏾‍♂️🤪🤷🏾‍♂️.

Ooohhhh shit y’all... I’m going to get into TBT early. Very first instructor photo shoot back in 2014. 4yrs later and still loving every bit of this job and the amazing souls that clip in with me. I just want to thank you all for rockin with me and making the decisions to grow with every encounter. Let’s continue to enhance this unbreakable force and community/family we’ve been lucky enough to develop. I got you and you got me... ALWAYS!

Such a fun time with my brother @gcbeinin and @billscheft. Here are short clips, but make sure you check the link in my bio for the full interview.

Was in my thoughts while waiting for my appt and decided to just share some of what was on my mind. From this, I was able to appreciate the importance of slowing down to fully dissect my areas of opportunity. Hopefully this is something that will resonate and/or spark conversation. Huge s/o to these STRONG and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, @silver.cashmere @wolberberg4you. True inspirations! Sidenote.... apologies for being all in your face... mad close for no reason lol.

Since it’s Thursday and a lot of my friends are seeing her tonight.... here’s a throwback for y’all. This was back in my singing days where we performed “Carol of the Bells” at the Xmas tree lighting.

Ooouuuuuu we had so much fun doing this. This was definitely one of the many highlights of 2017. Is this work or just having fun? I often get the two mixed up 😜😜😜.

Resistance is unavoidable and there will always be something. What you do with it is the determining factor. Accept the challenge, turn that shit up and work 💪🏾🤬💪🏾🤬💪🏾 ... No matter how long the struggle lasts, it is a fact that it will end at some point. Let your trials and tribulations strengthen you!

Here’s my nearly 6 month transformation. Now its time to cut up... LETS WORK!

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