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Trammell Logan  Founder/Owner of East Side Dance Co Dancer SoulCycle Senior Instructor #MoveWithMell @Studiob_nyc

FEAR IS ONE OF THE MAIN CULPRITS IN PREVENTING UNITY, EQUALITY AND UNDERSTANDING. Based on your responses, feedback and confessions — everyone is afraid. Due to this fear, we avoid speaking up because we’ll cripple our reputation or lose our job; fearful of what your family and friends may think; afraid to lose your spot at the “round table;” and sadly, afraid of the truth. When I say afraid of the truth, I’m mainly referring to those who claim they’re unaware these issues exist and are therefore denying certain privileges.
I get that being vulnerable is scary – but lives are on the line. Job opportunities are being denied based on the name of the applicant. Second chances aren’t provided because you don’t have the luxury of making mistakes in the first place. Expectations are set low based on your race, so chances of evolving within a community, job space and in life are severely limited. And then if you exceed such expectations, “you’re one of the good ones.” Ooooouuuuu that one deserves a separate post 🙄. Anyways, as I’m writing this, I know many of you are confusing this with complaining about working hard and overcoming obstacles. That narrative couldn’t be further from the truth – I just think it’s crucial to our growth that we stop denying the systemic boundaries that continue to harness some of the misconceptions that led us to this conversation. Which brings me back to fear.... how many of you felt a sense of relief by our recent conversations? Not because you didn’t know this was an issue, but because you’re taking the time to listen to the perspective of someone you respect and who you trust doesn’t have ill-intent. This allowed you to feel comfortable enough to voice what you’ve been thinking. Although that’s good, its also problematic because it shows that unless someone is considered to be of value, their voices are rarely heard.
Now.... I kind of went on a rant, but I want to continue to shed light on how important it is to break these patterns of fear, and on how they plays their part in this industry we all love. If we implement the practice of facing these fears and educating each other within the fitness community,
*cont’d in comments*

MOMENT OF TRUTH AND VULNERABILITY on being black in this industry. Can you imagine how hard it is to consistently read news about other black men and women being killed by our protectors, and then have to go smile and lead a class through love? Being so pissed that every cause is supported and celebrated, but when it comes to standing as one for black and minority lives/history, it all of a sudden becomes too controversial? Imagine marching and protesting with everyone else, but when it’s time to talk and protest about our rights and equality, it’s a ghost town? Or something as small as worrying about how you express your emotions, because you being black automatically turns a small disagreement into a confrontation. You’re a little too “intimidating.” On an even lighter note, it is sometimes more accepting for our white peers to play hip hop in classes, but when someone of color does, it’s too aggressive. Yes - that’s a thing. These are just some of many thoughts and concerns we’re met with. And because fitness is such an emotionally driven job, we work 20x harder to keep the disappointments and concerns out of your space.
As a minority teaching in this industry, where we are lucky enough to meet and lead individuals from all walks of life, it can be extremely difficult and exhausting trying to gauge our audiences - especially with everything going on today. We often worry about how we’re viewed and if our people(friends, coworkers and clients) genuinely care about our well-being. Concealed emotions. Like, if I didn’t lead this class, how would you view me? If you just saw me walking down the street in my athletic gear and a bandana, Would your perception of me be my reality? Truthfully speaking, probably not. I say that because I still get weird looks til this day, and I’ve been teaching in the area for years. This does not apply to all, but it applies to many. Some of us are the only people of color that many of our clients interact with on a more consistent basis. Which is an amazing thing, IF we’re taking the time to understand one another. With that being said, I encourage everyone to START AND CONTINUE having the conversations. We learn more that way.

If you know my class, you know @meekmill speaks to me! Always been a huge fan, but this album took it to another level! When I’m tired and need a lil extra motivation, throw him on and get to work. With that being said, you know I had to bring one of the new tracks to @soulcycle. For my hip hop fans, which trackers are y’all riding and listening to??? #soulcycle #fitness #fitlife #mensheatlh #motivation #inspiration #determination #drive #hustle #trainhard #nonstop #meekmill #championship #intro #ride #spin #cycling #workout #hiphop #dance #fun #passion #love #live #nwa #justdoit #nike

Are you working as hard as you claim, or are you accustomed to saying it because you have a job?
Often, I scroll down my timeline to see posts about knowing your worth and leaving situations you’re unhappy in.
Yes - I agree with these sentiments, and I’m definitely aware that jobs will offer less to gain more. We’re all working to live our best lives, build a reliable foundation, and be happy. But how often do you question whether or not you’ve presented the true value of your worth? Have you put yourself in a position to request/demand your needs, or are you going based on what you know you’re capable of? Is the quality of your product worth the investment, and if so, how have you proven it?
Growing up under certain conditions, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that you have to go out and get it! No handouts! All the excuses and complaining won’t do shit but waste time. If by any chance they don’t meet my requests, I check to see if I’m working strategically and producing. If I am and there’s no room for growth, then it’s time to start establishing that next move. We’re sometimes so used to victimizing ourselves, that we ignore our lack of honesty. Which then, that lack of honestly becomes the “truth” in our mind.
So I challenge you all to truly question whether or not you’re grinding as hard and as strategic as you claim.

When you watch @creedmovie for the 2nd time on the same day @meekmill drops straight HEAT! I already went to the gym, but after bumpin this album, I had to hit the treadmill and let my hands go a little.

Fun fact: I did martial arts for 10yrs and used to compete. The adrenaline kick you experience when competing and fighting is truly unexplainable. If it weren’t for dance, I would’ve definitely jumped all the way in with learning/pursuing boxing.
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Refuse to compete with anyone but myself. On a mission to be the best version of myself and then some. No games played.

Also - go follow my homegirl @melanin_nocrime to cop some dope apparel! Support small businesses and black owned businesses.

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When push comes to shove, are you confident with having YOU in your corner?
Since I can remember, I was taught to never expect any handouts from anyone. Was trained to assume that if someone wants to “give” you anything, expect there to be a hidden agenda. Yes - that caused a lot of distrust, but it sculpted an extremely confident mindset and work ethic that I take great pride in. I can’t stress enough how important it is to validate yourself. Be aware and honest with what needs some adjustments, trust yourself, stop pointing fingers, and do what you have to do. With that being said, I can honestly say I am proud of who I see in the mirror. No matter who and what may try stopping him, I know that he has my back and will succeed. I GOT ME!
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😳😳😳😳 Yo ya’ll see this craziness??? It’s crazy what can happen in a short amount of time. Life is be brutal AF! I can write a long caption, but I’ll save it for another time. All I’m going to say is this.... during this period, I refused to be a walking contradiction. Every single day, I encourage others to roll with the punches and go through the situation that was designed for them specifically. Why would I be different? There was no time for the “why me” cry and the “this is too hard” shit! Yes... I was very emotional at times, but those emotions quickly turned into grit. The refusal to be defeated must be greater than the temporary obstacle you’re facing. Throw on some Meek Mill and keep pushing! Lol I looked wild tho 😩😩😩 #pulmonaryembolism #heartsurgery #bloodclotawareness #recovery #soulcycle #fitness #menshealth #fitlife #nyc #glowup #bounceback #melaninpoppin #getshitdone #passion #motivation

The best thing about working with @soulcycle is meeting some of the most creative people. My brother @mrrokowthimself is a stand up guy! Coworkers turned friends... friends turned brothers. Growing up under the conditions and in the environment we were raised, I think it’s safe to say we probably didn’t see ourselves inspiring and doing what we’re doing. My brother, you are the life of the party EVERYWHERE you go! The joy you bring to all of our lives comes second to none. With that being said, I need EVERYONE TO CHECK HIS CLOTHING LINE @rokowt and PURCHASE EVERYTHING!!! My boy will keep you comfortable and fly af! Like, go follow, and cop! I love you bro!

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After 4 amazing @soulcycle classes, I wanted to share a clip from @kalfitlife Instructor Spotlight interview. It was an honor being asked to be a part of what she’s doing because it gives some insight on the life of an instructor. It also allows us to tell you all why we love our job and community so much. PLEASE go take a listen and tell me what you think. The link is in both our bios. Enjoy 😊
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As I’m sitting here searching for the words to describe my weekend in DC - all I can think about is how powerful we are on those bikes. Bikes that go nowhere, but at the same time, goes everywhere we need to go. For the duration of 45 min, your labels, titles, age and identity doesn’t matter. Here we are in a room full of strangers, yet we all feel like we belong. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but with each clip-in, we know all that we need to know about one another. We all crave, desire, and need the exact same ingredients to fulfill our hearts: LOVE! SUPPORT! COMMUNITY!
In a world where we are constantly encouraged to remain divided, it is sometimes extremely difficult to fight the feelings of hopelessness. With that being said, this is why I love this job. SoulCycle provides an outlet that allows us to fully appreciate the power of human connection. Not only allows us, but reminds us that we are fully capable of creating the change that we desperately need. If we lived our outside lives the same way we live on those bikes, we would be much happier, and that happiness would be contagious to almost everyone we encounter.
I am forever grateful for all the love DC showed us NYC peeps. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I will most DEFINITELY be back before 2018 closes out. Love you all!

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