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*Meg  Singer-songwriter of @drivethrusociety // music enthusiast @firstdenton // Sewing for ShatteredSeams // teaching 10th grade girls @firstdentonstudents


Had a great time today at my first craft show with @inkyruth and my mother-in-law, Nita!! #shatteredseams #Nspirations

Today is @sifugreg'S birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ -- I selected some of my favorite memories from before we were even married to celebrate and honor you! 1. We went to medieval times for your birthday 2. The very first picture we ever took together at a Halloween party in 2008 3. After we lead music at a Dnow back in college 4. πŸ˜‚ when I pretended to fan girl over your guitar skills on a snow day 5. At our first Dallas Stars game together β›Έ 6. When we played our very first show benefiting missionaries and had NO CLUE what we were doing haha 7. Our trips to Colorado 8. The very first time we saw @redmusiconline and got HORRIBLY sunburned πŸ˜…
Happy birthday love! Can't wait to make a million more memories with you 😘

This may not seem like a big deal to some people but I've NEVER been able to do a pull-up (except at maybe 10). But I've been strength training and now I can do 2 in a row!! My new goal is 5! The first video is a Lat Pull (focuses on back muscles) and the second is a Chin-Up (which also uses back, but biceps as well)
Also if you didn't know I'm a personal trainer now and if you're interested in strength training please hit me up 😊πŸ’ͺ🏻


Recently I've been struggling through some ideas. @sifugreg and I put off so many things to pursue music as a career and I'm confronted with thoughts of, did we just waste our time? Should we really have spent all this time and money pursuing something that ended the way it did? I feel like I should be so much further along than I currently am -- I talked through some of these ideas with my dad and he reminded me that NO EXPERIENCE IS EVER WASTED. What a relief I felt! Even though I probably should have reached that conclusion on my own, God knew I needed to hear it from my dad in that moment. I felt compelled to remind you guys of that today. Everything can be learned from, and no experience is wasted. You're right where you're supposed to be, even if it's not where you thought you would be. -- I'll be reminding myself of this every day until I believe it #yaydads #carselfie #youmatter

It's okay to not be okay, it's not okay to stay there
D E P R E S S I O N / A N X I E T Y // it can manifest itself in different forms. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning is difficult, some days it feels like you're walking around with heavy chains that are weighing you down. This battle takes place in our minds and can seep out into our relationships and effect us physically. It's easy to fall into the identity that you're broken or messed up and that no one can accept you in this state. It leads you to believe you deserve this because you're messed up, or you don't need to be happy because you brought this on yourself. THOSE ARE LIES! People that don't struggle with this 'ghost' don't understand people that do and wonder why they can't just 'get over it' and 'be happy'. This causes the person to fall deeper into a pit of being misunderstood and not really listened to.

I'm here to say that if you struggle with this, know that there is help! There is a way out and you can fight it! Don't let the few who are ignorant and don't understand allow you to sink further into this misunderstood identity. Find people you can lean on and trust and call in the middle of the night when the attacks are real. Don't just write them off because one day you might give in one too many times and do something that could hurt yourself and others.

For those that this leads to suicidal thoughts and thinking the world would be better off without you. IT WONT! Everyone makes an impact whether they see it or not. Please remember in your darkest moments that God still saw you as lovely and came to save you. That doesn't mean the struggle doesn't exist, but in those dark days, pray. Ask Him to show you who you really are to Him. Hide scripture that reiterates your beautiful identity in your heart so in those moments of weakness you can lean on the truth.

We love you and if you fight this 'ghost' there are lots of organizations that exist to help you. Check out @heartsupport for starters πŸ“·: @moresmilesmore

"How can you say you love me? When all you do is let me down. And I'm running out of sympathy cause I don't want you anymore. I'm so sick of your abuse, and every lie I fell into. I try to push you away."
Lyrics I wrote earlier this year giving me life today. Who knew the lyrics would have a different meaning 6 months later...Kick your (insert vice here) in the butt today. Tell it no, scream at it until you win.
πŸ“·: @concertfotoschad

Over on our band page we've been highlighting a different 'Ghost' each week in honor of our new single. This one needed to be shared- on a personal note being in the entertainment business I've seen this firsthand. I had multiple people tell me I needed to "show more skin cause we're trying to sell records here". I refused...and was told I was "difficult" and "argumentative"
V A N I T Y // We're surrounded by images of beauty and standards that quite frankly seem unattainable. Things are proposed through the media as "real" and we're discouraged when we don't measure up. Then we either spend money we don't have buying things we don't need and still don't look like the magazines, OR we give up on ourselves and sink into a vicious cycle of self loathing and self hate.

Vanity/beauty is a business and they know how to get us. It's not just targeted towards women either. Men see images of successful guys dressed in great suits with nice things, or muscles on muscles and think how can I achieve that?
There's such a dark side to VANITY, and sometimes it can lead to self righteousness...(this is what we tried to capture in this image) On the one side we look great, but inside we're wicked and vain. What happens when you think so highly of yourself that you look down on others? Who are you really behind the happy Instagram posts and the layer of perfectly blended contouring? Are you a person who fears God above all else? Or have you bought into the lie that looking perfect on the outside is what matters?

I'd rather be my vulnerable self, mess and all, than a self righteous vain person that only cares about my own gain. πŸ“·: @moresmilesmore

I love singing with @boomerwest & @micah_wil2 on Sunday mornings! They are so full of passion and encouragement and their hearts are for the Lord! #firstdenton #bros #yeet #lit πŸ˜‰

When you go shopping for jeans and all 3 pairs you purchase are black πŸ™„πŸ™ƒ #rockandroll #allmyclothesareblack

"So I'll stand up, and be Your light. Just let me see the world through Your eyes." @fearless_bnd #worthdyingfor #throughYoureyes

"When will it be enough, to know just grace and stop chasing the wind." // Jammin this song by @wolvesatthegate today because today letting go is hard. This pic was from our show with @ilovejoshsturm almost a year ago, and today I needed the reminder that God's grace is always sufficient...so many things we chase in vain pursuit when all we really need is to rest in His grace
"How can this be? I've been such a liar. Who's got nothing to give and none You require. How could I forget Your ways are much higher. Declaring to me, Your love doesn't tire." πŸ’œ // πŸ“·: @concertfotoschad

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