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lynn | dylan | taylor  watch #holdinmebacvideo below


Camila is living the fucking dream right now her performance tonight was incredible

it's been 2 years since the stitches music video was released ! #2yearsofstitches

Have you seen Shawn live?

tour starts back up soon i can't wait to start filling up my feed with the new pics & videos again

What's your favorite song by Shawn?

no promises is shawn's best song off illuminate don't @ me

Are you excited that jack & jack will be opening for Shawn on tour? (Possibly not fully true)

charlie puth and jack & jack are gonna be opening up for shawn on tour i-
i'm seeing all 3 live on August 17th i'm hypedddd

if you didn't find #holdinmebackvideo beautiful idk what to tell you

how jealous were you on a scale of 0-100

what's your thoughts on #holdinmebackvideo

the connection between all his music videos
this is crazyyyyyy (mendestudios on twitter)

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