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Ma(d)ison Miller 

I know these were taken on the same day as my last post. I know I’m coming across as narcissistic for posting them. Is that going to stop me? Obviously not.

Please enjoy this picture that emphasizes ALL of my smile lines, I’ve freakin’ earned ‘em.

Happy 19th, dog. Thanks for all the laughs, memories, and every other time I was over the moon to have you as my sister. 🎈🎉

H 🎉 P P Y B I R T H D 🎉 Y to the one who’s been with me since we were wee little ones. I don’t know about you, but 21 suits us well, and it suits you even better. This year is going to hold only the best for you and I can’t wait to celebrate it by your side. Cheers, babe, I’m buying you one tonight. 🎉😉❤️

Here’s two photos of me that look almost exactly the same, cheers ✌🏻🥂

Kissing 20 goodbye 💋🎉

Chapter 1: The three musketeers take on the zoo! 🐘🦒🐅

It’s been a minute 💉

Call me Rambo from now on, thanks.

Congrats, Syd. Words cannot fully express how proud I am of you, how happy I am FOR you, and how much love I have in regards to you. You’re so incredibly beautiful and wicked smart, and even though I’m the big sister, you’ve taught me more than I could ever hope to teach you. So much more of your life waits for you now, don’t waste a second. 🎓🎉❤️

This photo doesn’t show my face, which is just the way I like it 🌊🌺🌿🌻

Happy as can be 🌿✨

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