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Monique Mays 💋  👰🏽Wife 👩‍👧‍👧Mommy to 7 🎤Speaker 👩🏼‍🏫Teacher 📕Author of Self-Esteem Is The New Black! Empowering women to love themselves unapologetically 💋


Most people don’t even know who they are so why would you let them determine who you are? Knowing WHO you are gives you the freedom to hear others opinions but not be crushed by them! #whoareyou #selfconfidence #selflove #selfesteemisthenewblack #houstonauthor #bookrelease2018

A balanced Life is a happy Life!! You deserve to make yourself a priority just as much as you make everyone else a priority. Schedule you into your schedule ⏱ MM Your Confidence Coach 💋#selfesteemisthenewblack #selflove #selfcaretips #houstonwomen #bookrelease2018 #abetterme

When you are passionate about your purpose others will be just as passionate about it and they will want to support you! Your motives are everything! Would you still be passionate about your business if no one bought anything? Passion will take you further than your bottom line! MM YOUR CONFIDENCE COACH #houstonauthor #houstonwomen #bookrelease2018 #passion #purpose #selfesteemisthenewblack

Do you want to be the first to get a copy? As a bonus for pre-ordering I will be personally signing your copy and giving Free Shipping!! I’m so grateful for your amazing support!! *You can expect your physical book to be shipped on release day in mid March.
Get your copy today at www.moniquemays.com or by clicking the link in my bio ❤️#houstonauthor #houstonwomen #newrelease #preorder #confidence #selfesteemisthenewblack #letswork #thankful

Hey my loves!! Today is the start of Pre-Orders for Self-Esteem Is The New Black!!! This book is what I like to call your ultimate guide to Self-Love!! It covers topics such as * Forgiveness * Beauty Essentials * Setting Standards * Friendships
and so much more.... Also, Included are practical exercises and affirmations to take your confidence to the next level! I want to not only say be confident but show you how. If you are struggling with your self-esteem or maybe you just want to take your confidence up a notch this is the book for you!

Do you want to be the first to get a copy? As a bonus for pre-ordering I will be personally signing your copy and giving Free Shipping!! I’m so grateful for your amazing support!! *You can expect your physical book to be shipped on release day in mid March.
Get your copy today at www.moniquemays.com or by clicking the link in my bio ❤️#houstonauthor #houstonwomen #newrelease #preorder #confidence #selfesteemisthenewblack #letswork #thankful

To all my subscribers there is an EXCLUSIVE BONUS waiting for you in your email! www.moniquemays.com

How I feel about Self-Esteem Is The New Black going on pre-order tomorrow!! When you put a time line⏱ to a dream it becomes a goal when you reach the goal 🧗🏽‍♀️it becomes an accomplishment 🏆 #purpose #bookrelease2018 #author #shedidit #goalreached #selfconfidence

My followers have spoken! ❤️Pre-Order will begin tomorrow 💋 #newbook #bookrelease #houstonwomen #houstonauthor #readers #selfconfidence #letswork

What experience do people have when they are in your presence? Do they leave feeling energized and uplifted or drained and upset? You are responsible to not only the energy you entertain but the energy you emit out. Do a self check.. How do I make people feel? #selfconfidence #selfreflectiontime #houstonwomen #houstonauthor #houstonreaders #womenofhouston

Our 13th Valentines Day❤️ Love me some him 💋

The only thing keeping you from accomplishing your dreams is your decision! Make the decision that no matter what it takes you will do IT! Once you believe you can and you will nothing can stop you!

An excerpt from the chapter on Forgiveness In my debut book Self-Esteem Is The New Black.. Don’t be surprised that others are entertained by your struggles! Pre-Order begins Friday Feb.16th #houstonwomen #readinglist #houstonauthor #localwriter #self-Esteem #teenpregnancy #teenmom #struggle

Be leery of those that bring the bone. Because they also carry it.. before you get up in the air about what you hear others are saying about you check your source. Jesus asks his disciples “who do you say I am?” Real friends defend your name in and out of your presence..MM your confidence coach 💋 #whodoyousayiam #friendship #VIP #selfesteemisthenewblack #friendshipisnotaspectorsport #word

We are impressed by someone’s accomplishments but we are inspired by their failures. We all have a story but many times our fear of what others may think of us holds us back from sharing. Your story has the ability to inspire someone to not give up. If she can come out so can I! My goal in Self Esteem Is The New Black is not to just tell you how confident I am now but that I always wasn’t. Actually my need for attention drove my life in many directions that only the grace of God could pull me out of. I’m not ashamed of my story and you shouldn’t be either! #selflove #forgiveness #houstonauthor #houstonreaders #book2k18💋 #books📚 #badchoicesmakegoodstories

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Trust the process! I was so inspired by @thedrdawn FB live this morning on “Givers vs Takers” I was reminded that when your a giver you can become weary in the process of your purpose! But remember God will provide!! It may not be in the way you thought but it will be fulfilled 🙌 So when your discouraged or even afraid everything may fall apart Trust that God knows what he is doing... just rest in him!! MM your confidence coach 💋

As women we are trained to believe that you should take care of others at the expense of yourself. To give and to care for others is extremely important and is our call. Where it begins to cause detriment is when you don’t take care of yourself as well. It is NOT selfish to take time for yourself to rejuvenate and to refresh. It is NOT selfish to say no when you have exhausted all that you have. When we take time to love ourselves and refill we have the ability to be much more effective. Out of an empty cup you have nothing to give. Fill yourself up so that you may be able to overflow into the lives of others! MM your confidence coach #selflove #selfconfidence #selffull #houstonwomen #houstonauthor #selfesteemisthenewblack #serve #maketimeforyou

The people in our life fall into one of these 3 categories: You will have your VIP Section, Your General Admission and Your Nosebleed section. In my new book Self Esteem Is The New Black I will explain how to identify which is which! #self-Esteem #houstontx #houstonwomen #houstonauthor #houstonreaders #friendship #VIP #generaladmission #nosebleed #bookrelease #categories

Excited to apart of the @immefoundation #wheniwasateen campaign! It’s so important for young women and men to love themselves just the way God made them❤️#immetour #wheniwasateen

From the bottom of my heart!! ❤️❤️ thank you for all your sweet comments, congratulations and shares!! I pray that my book will motivate and inspire you along your journey! I’m blessed to have your support it doesn’t go unnoticed 💋

I’m so happy to be able to share with you all that my first book Self Esteem is the New Black: How to become the confident woman you have always wanted to be is complete. I like to call it the ultimate guide to self confidence because it’s not full of fluff but of practical tips for you to take your confidence to the next level. I share lots of life lessons in the book. I knew that in order for me to help others I had to be willing to share my mistakes and my bad turns! As well as my triumphs! I take you on a journey from being a insecure single teen mother and all that came with it! God has really done a work in my life! I can’t wait for you to read it! Just as a little black dress is a fashion essential so is your Self-Esteem. If your ready for change get your copy! Pre-Sales will begin February 16th. Special shout to my amazing editor @sharpeditorial my cover designer @clstaples my photographer @jaiophotography my makeup artist @kimclarkartistry Hair @jahnae.shi #followyourdreams #houstonwomen #localwriter #houstonreaders #houstonauthor #self-Esteem #book-release #book2018

I’ve been keeping a secret!!! ❤️❤️

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