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  If ur looking for someone who’s content has been the same since middle school- You’ve arrived

This is Ava’s Instagram now- let it happen ❤️❤️

The coffee House was AMAZING! Everyone who performed were insanely talented! 💗💗

I got new shoes and a new breakout- both will be displayed tmro ✌️

High key going to the park w these people makes me so happy after imma kinda miss 9th grade park gang! ❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Giovanna!!!! I literally miss u SM and I wish u went to Larchmont all the time- but I’m so happy ur happy and seeing u again just reminded me ILYSM and I’m so happy we got to hang out! Ur so sweet, so kind, and hilarious u always make me laugh!! Glad we became the “spooning sisters” and I swear imma never watch the Conjuring again!!! 🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️

A green eye usually has a solid green hue with more or less a single color throughout the iris. A hazel eye, on the other hand, has more going for it than the average green eye. Hazel eyes are multi-coloured, with a shade of green and a characteristic burst of brown or gold radiating outwards from around the pupil.💚💚💚

When me and sally first had a sleepover we watched the episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory got into Chilton, now we have gone as well. ❤️❤️ the world has come full circle

I’d Rather Meet Tessa Than The Easter Bunny🌸💗

Tryna be aesthetic? 🌸

This is our new horror movie poster: Space is just a made up word...🤠😈

Kim Possible?

Uhh first high school dance: full of tea and drama- but I’m pretty sure Happy Endings! Plus I don’t need a man I got these two 😂💗

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