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  Low Key We Can All be Sad Lisa Simpson Sometimes

I’d Rather Meet Tessa Than The Easter Bunny🌸💗

This is our new horror movie poster: Space is just a made up word...🤠😈

Kim Possible?

Uhh first high school dance: full of tea and drama- but I’m pretty sure Happy Endings! Plus I don’t need a man I got these two 😂💗

Danggg I cannot believe the Musical is over! It was the most fun ever from the ABA game, taking the metro, getting food from multiple places, and the amazing songs that the legit best singers performed, im so sad this is the last thing we’ll do w the seniors :(( but it was sm fun! ❤️❤️

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake- if the way is hazy 🍰🎂

Its pretty likely I’ll fall into the street I need to stand far on the sidewalk 🌴

Happy Valentines Day! Coming from someone who hates hugs but also rly likes people this holiday means mixed feelings 😂💗💗

Spent the Galentintines Day w some of my favorite Gals 💗💗 Am i proud of the Tik Tok or dancing... idk

Hah lmao blue tea cup ammirite🍵

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