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Being true to yourself // freedom

Allow yourself to grow // evolve


It's only water, it's only fire, it's only love 🎶

Hope, is everywhere, all around us
Take a moment to find yours.

Hold onto beautiful experiences.

Breathing dreams

I thank the universe, not only for all the beautiful souls that grace my life with their light but also for removing the ones that do not serve a purpose anymore.

As one can only imagine until experienced themselves. Iceland's landscapes and light are pure magic.
Not only visually but the clarity being in such a land was something I was unprepared for. I found it to be subjective in the sense you could come to such a place for solitude, clarity, adventure, soul searching, relaxation or healing.
To be in a place that exudes such vast untouched beauty was an unexpected gift.

I look to the light
for strength, for guidance .


I remember this morning so vividly. It was my last one in the Lake District of England. I woke up early to experience a magical sunrise over the brightest green fields I've ever seen filled with perfect trees. It was so beautiful, I couldn't help but shed a tear, for I knew I would miss this peaceful land; it had stolen a piece of my heart.

The Icelandic horses are the sweetest creatures. I couldn't wait to meet and photograph them however they were so captivating I became completely enamored by their silly, playful, warm spirits.

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