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My model mother in her young years 👌
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Sophistication is all about the walk
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No face for now, just take me as I come
Too many punches to handle
My fears seem gone and I grew strong
Strong enough to choose for myself, though... now I am facing the darkness that has been my friend for so long
Never really took time for healing
But weather I want it or not the time has come
Not just you but all of you who hit me this way
The abusive ways
The claiming of who I am and who i was in all purity
You are all gathering here for me to heal from the obsessions you felt you had to act out towards me
Of course, I was all there and I came to learn you needed my agreement to play the game -
I gave it until I learned about power
And power is now growing towards me
Infusing me in all its purity
I'm inhaling power into my body, into my life
Though healing is flowing my way
Facing me with your old passive ways
So I let you be
Allow you to exist
Facing once more the dark times to make way for my true self to shine
I must say I feel stronger and wiser than I did yesterday
Yes, I will forgive you but as a wise person once told me
"Forgive but don't forget, as forgetting is like never learning the lesson"
Healing myself will heal you too
I've got work to do!

Roof terrace views ❤️

Mona Lisa @louisvuitton

Monument Barcelona

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