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Ashley  Ashley:22 May 2013 ♂ Love walking, car riding, chewing, jerkies and my pawrents❤️

I got a birthday present from my pawsome Singaporean furiend Tenko!🎁🎉 They sent a cute toy and noms.🤖🐟
And such a lovely handmade birthday card with her pic!💌😍💕💕💕 Mama wanted to have a picture of me with these wonderful gifts, but I didnt care that. I snached the toy and ran away🐕💨💨🙌I’ll be crazy with the toy for nite!!!🤣
Thank you so much Tenko and mama for bringing wonderful happiness to me and my pawrents!
Unfortunately Tenko's account has been missing. I wonder where she has gone😢Tenko is Singaporean Spitz. I hope Tenko will read this post❤️❤️❤️
SWIP👉👉👉to see my snaching🐕💨

Friyay mood!!🐕🎉
Thank you Ichiban’s mama @ichifandaqiao for taking a great angle video🎥😂
Have a wonderful day to all furiends🐕💕

I got a wonderful surprise this morning❣️
A beautiful birthday card arrived from cute butterflies Lisa and Mimmi @lisamimmidogs living in Sweden💌🐕🦋🇸🇪💕💕 This is definitely giving me and my pawrents lots of smiles and making our day!!!❤️ Thank you so much cuties and mama for delivering your big happiness and kindness to us!! .

I’ll turn 5 years old next week🐕🎉

We got back from our walkies!
Can you open the door pls, boss!!lol
Happy your day furiend🐕💕

I did some of the parks hopping in a day!🐕🌳😋🌹🚙👍
Happy your weekend to all furiends and Mother’s Day to fur mums!🌹❤️

I was nominated and adopted as one of a pup model for website editorial creation by patisserie SERI @patissiere_seri 🐕❤️
I got some treats as a thanks gift from them to me and get the gifft away from mama’s hand!🍪😋🤣🐕💨💨💨

Thank you SERI for adopting me as a model in your website and sending a great gift🍪🎁❤️
We are all looking forward to arriving my birthday cake from you later!!!🐶

Last week it was a short holiday that comes every year in my country.🐕🌸 Updating one page of our holiday. We went to our favorite park with a lunch box made it daddy and a new tent.🍱🏕Although we didn’t schedule a big event during it ,we all had a wonderful holidays🌳🐕🌸👫 Special thanks some my furiends for sending warm massage and condolence for me and mama🙏❤️

Thank you very much my furiends for sending my mum your warmest condolence🙏❤️ I’ve been greatly comforted by the kindness and sympathy you gave us.
It’s still very sad to face the fact for her but she’s been getting way to the better❤️
I’ve been drawing her attention so as not to let her sorrow!🐕📢👍

Hello furiends🐕🌸❤️ My mum had been in the sorrow by losing her uncle who she loved but she has broken free from it finally!! And my dad and I succeed to take her to the out and made her lots of smiles!!😊💖 Happy week to all furiends🐕🦋🌸❤️
#yorkie #yorkielove #picnic #yorkielife #happydog #sunnyday

Hair cut💇‍♂️Released from a hairy bear finally!🦁👉🐶
Happy your day to furiends🐾🐕💖💖
#yorkie #yorkielove #yorkiepoo #haircut #happydog #lovedog #yorkielife #furbaby

Happy weekend full of fun and smiles to all furiends😊🐾❤️❤️
#yorkie #yorkielove #tdif #happyfriyay #delight_dogs #doglovers #happyface

I love the calm time spending with my cousin👧🏻❤️🐶
Happy your day furiends💖🌷🌸
#yorkie #yorkielove #yorkiepoo #yorkiepup #yorkielife #furbaby #doglovers #withmycousin ##delight_pets #calmtime

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