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Photographer of the Week  Current Instagram takeover: @wesleyverhoeve

San Francisco time is money. [ Photographer takeover by @wesleyverhoeve , follow for more travel and portrait photography. ] #streetphotography

Right outside of Salt Lake City. [ Photographer takeover by @wesleyverhoeve , follow for more travel and portrait photography. ]

📷 by @wesleyverhoeve.

New Orleans has been on my mind for the past few days. It’s been far too long, nearly 18 months, since I last experienced that most unique and soulful of American cities. Despite its rambunctious reputation, it is an introvert’s paradise, as introverts like to observe and listen and boy is there a lot of that to do in New Orleans. It’s where I find my flow state and become what Saul Bellow once called a “first-class noticer”, camera in hand.
These pictures were taken during a second line parade hosted by the Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club. I’ve rarely felt as alive as when I was granted the opportunity to walk among this amazing group of people. Shout out to @pableaux who graciously let me tag along. — Wesley

Featured Photographer of the Week: @wesleyverhoeve
We met years ago through a mutual friend and connected over our shares creative pursuits and outlooks on life.
He was the reason I was able to spend a transformative 2 months living in NYC and one of the primary catalysts behind @syriandiaspora.
His photography is always backed by fascinating stories. Stories seem to drive his work, and it’s refreshing to see a photographer for whom a photo is more than a composition, but a narrative as well.
Take it away, @wesleyverhoeve !

Train in Stockholm. / [photographer takeover by @sarakerens ] #accidentallywesanderson

B roll shot from my fashion shoot in Burano, Italy for a magazine in London. [photographer takeover by @sarakerens - follow me for more travel and fashion]

South of France. [photographer takeover by @sarakerens ]

Carousel near the Red Square.
[photographer takeover by @sarakerens ]

From my last trip to London. The sky was yellow and the birds kept circling while I stood there listening to the bagpiper. It felt apocalyptic. [photographer takeover by @sarakerens ]

A portrait I took of @kelseythunt and Fish Dog [ photographer takeover by @sarakerens ] #iphonex

Chinatown. Manhattan. /
[photographer takeover by @sarakerens]

Vintage car find in Los Angeles.
[Continuing in my photographer takeover @sarakerens]

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