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Isabella  WVU sustainable design #sustainability and #conservation intern @islandofmontserrat @scubamontserrat

comment était ta pause déjeuner?

The next 5 weeks I will be an intern for @scubamontserrat helping them with their reef conservation and recycling initiative. I will also be helping them expand their social outreach, marketing, and PR. Interning on an island sure does suck 🤪🤪🤪🤪 #savetheplanet #marineconservation #sustainability #sustainabledesign #savetheocean

I saw this on twitter and thought it deserved better than just a story post... save the planet babes 💓

Also to clear up recent confusion on what I study in school since most people don’t know what sustainable design is. My actual degree will be a Bachelor of Science in Design Studies with an area of Emphasis in Sustainable Design. I study general design and anything can be designed from car handles, refrigerators, rooms to have more productivity, handicap accessible garden tools, everything is designed. You can find poor design examples everywhere like classrooms without windows, items packaged in too much plastic, water fountains that the water doesn’t shoot up high enough, clothes that are ruined after one wash, ect. Sustainability is all about how can we have the best quality of life for as many people as possible, improve our economy, and improve the environment. My education has included a fair amount of economic theory as any environmentalist who wants to see real change needs to have a basic grip of how economics work. My courses have included geology, agriculture and natural resource law, product design, design ethics, soil reclamation, Agroecology, and conservation ecology. I wanted to study something that was multidisciplinary and I wouldn’t get bored with. It is an up and coming field that is not necessarily 100% accepted by everyone yet. However it is really interesting to research the field and form your own opinions on it :)

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Can’t believe my best friend is sooooo close to her wedding day💗 we have been best friends since I moved to Morgantown in the second grade and I’m so grateful we have each other for both our brightest and darkest days💓💓💓 love u with all my heart forever thank you for the endless support and luv- yes I am wearing a leotard from ballet lmfao

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Not sure how I feel about this whole going alum and finding purpose in life beyond double texting phi sigs thing - just kidding we know I’m gonna save the planet ;) (I’m still not graduating just have 6 hours left online!!!)

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