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Юлия Мазуркевич  Stock photography🌀Україна, Київ 🌞 portfolio👇По поводу сотрудничества в директ) My cam is Nikon D610, 50mm 1.8f #mystockreport


I dream about sea)

Не ново, но всегда актуально ) Вчерашняя сьемка) #foto #food #foodphoto #foodphotography #healthy #vegetable #meat #fish #healthyfood #tomato #foodstagram #foodporn

Good morning, world✌ #isee

#isee perfect world


Rain... in the road

Счастье не в деньгах? Вранье все это. Пусть счастье не в них, но они дают возможность и надежду во всяком случае, не знаю как вам а мне уж точно.

Good morning world ✌

You wake up in the morning
But you feel like you never got up and go to work
And you feelin' like you ain't got a purpose
And you tryna get motivated but everything you do turns into a mess
Like you ain't nothing but worthless.
And, yo, you look around,
A lot of these other people you lookin' at,
To you, you describe as perfect
So you point a finger at God and tell him to do his job
And fix ya' life up cause nothin' is workin'!
And you will try to hide and make it seem like it's nothin'
But really you feel like everything is crashin' around you
And you develop a problem in trustin' in other people
Which later became an issue that will mentally pound you!
You only get one life,
But every time you lookin' at yours you feel like all you ever see are mistakes
And the problem and the reason you could never move forward in life,
Is because you were never awake.

Wake up


I'd rather die than let this dream go to waste. The world wants to tell us who we are, who we ain't. But the person that I am is somethin' you can never change. I'm just being me,And this defines me,Look into my music and you'll find me

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