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Lytt Labs  Inspired by urban environments. Here to do things differently.

City focused.

Clean and contemporary details.

The Inception boosts detail and design like no other... an alternative time display led by vibrantly coloured indicators, depth through multi layered disc rotations and a combination of textures, housed in our striking cushion shaped casing.
It’s anything but traditional.


Colour coordination.

On these summer evenings, the Inception catches light like no other can.

Weekend vibes everyday.

A step above.

Clearly defined details bringing time to life on the Inception.

Far from ordinary.

Home is where the city lights live.

Seven steps to the caseback creation.
Starting as stamped steel billets, our caseback goes through a rigorous and meticulous process in order to achieve its quality.
Polishing, CNC and engraving all add to the finished article. Ultimate comfort on the wrist comes from our ergonomic bevel shape and integrated strap fixtures, with a brushed finished in 4 directions... for those who like details.

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