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Alyssa Damiano  24 ♍️ New Jersey 🍕 NPC Figure 🏅 JR ❤️🐠 @reelmuscle 🎥 @gatsupplements 🏋️‍♀️ E-mail: lyssdamfit@gmail.com

It doesn’t matter if the weight of the world is on your shoulders as long as they’re big enough to carry it.

Happy #nationalpuppyday to my handsome furry man. I always say, I rescued him but he saved me. I can’t imagine my life without this little face following me around and giving me sometimes too much love. ——-> swipe for extra cuteness

Sorry to disrupt your bunghole flooded #humpday newsfeeds. No booty holes or camel toes to show you here, just me sitting on the floor with some cords.

Never going to get sick of wanting to strangle you, even though it’s not always in the fun way.

Same pose, different life. There are a few things that can be learned from this: 1. Not everything is built by genetics. Your body is not as limited as you think it is. 2. Life is better when you eat food. 3. The gym is more effective therapy than anti depressants and old ladies taking your money and pretending to listen. 4. Getting your lip pierced isn’t worth it. 5. If your cousin is hotter than you, crop her out of the picture. 6. Growing a butt is a lot better than being able to fit in jeans. 7. Lifting heavy gives you curves, not a beard. 8. Flowers grow through dirt and you can too.

Somehow this @limecrimemakeup lipstick lasted through a 5 hour customer appreciation day event and a leg day after 🤷🏻‍♀️

#flashbackfriday to striations and veins. It’s almost time to shred 😈

For any girl just beginning their fitness journey, there are some things I will beg you to always remember. 1. ALWAYS remain an athlete in this world of fit tea selling fitness models. 2. Never forget how fucking powerful the female body is, and that you don’t need to be a sexual object to prove that. 3. Never let Instagram get to your head, your followers don’t care about you just because they like your selfies. As soon as they close this app they could care less about you. 3. Your naked body belongs to you and your partner only, you don’t need to disrespect yourself by taking half naked pictures for Instagram to get free supplements. 4. Just because a photo shoot is free doesn’t mean it needs to be soft core or actual porn. 5. You are worth more than your follower count. 6. Your workouts are more important than the amount of likes they get. 7. Be your own fucking woman crush Wednesday. 8. I promise you that your idols don’t look like their pictures in person and most of them that claim “natural” still run gear and have had plastic surgery, stop killing your self to look like them and just be the best version of yourself. 9. DO THIS FOR YOU. Not to look like her, or to be good enough for him, not to impress other people, not to prove people wrong, just do it because it’s therapy and you love it.

I never knew my life could change so much just from having one person enter it. @joe_reizer I can’t thank you enough for constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and making sure I’m okay when you do. There are already so many things my anxiety would’ve stopped me from experiencing without you. You’re my best friend, my life coach, my team mate, and everything I have ever needed in my life. I can’t wait to spend forever chasing new adventures with you.

“I turned myself into a Sayain Morty, I’m KAKARIIIICK”

I have no answer for why or how I ended up clawing my face.

Leg days are better with babe and @universalpro_gym equipment.

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