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Alyssa Lambert  "I don't know how many years on this earth I've got left. But I'm gonna get real weird with it." Currently doing #hundredhikesforheartdisease πŸ‘£β€

Happy adventuring this weekend friends... I hope it's filled with breathtaking views and slobbery kisses 🐢β™₯️

"Understand me.
I'm not like an ordinary world.
I have my madness,
I live in another dimension
And I do not have time for things that have no soul." ~Bukowski

Since I have begun my journey on hundred hikes for heart disease you think it would be pretty obvious the reason #whyihike but the truth runs a little deeper than that. .
I hit rock bottom when I was eighteen. A lot of people walked out of my life at that time, understandably. But I was blessed to have two friends who stuck around, Dylan and Conor, who over the years became my brothers from other mothers. .
I will never understand what I did to deserve their friendships and I could honestly tell a thousand stories about their kindness to me. Like the time I was heartbroken about not swimming in college... Dylan told me I needed to start my own swim team. He then proceeded to train with me every single day while I regained my health...5 am practices and all. He also helped me find a college where I did end up starting a swim team. Or the time Conor convinced me to take the leap of faith and move to Colorado. He knew how badly I had wanted to live here since my plans fell through when I was eighteen. I told him I was too scared...he insisted that I go and he would meet us down here. Actually a few weeks before we moved to Colorado, we were all hanging out at Conor's apartment together. We made plans for the things we would do when they came to visit...which included a lot of hiking.
But then we moved to Colorado...and they never came to visit.
We lost Dylan first, shortly after moving here.
Then nearly a year later we lost Conor too.
And I don't really care to try and explain my grief or my heartache...because there aren't really words for it.
So when I try to say why I's definitely for myself and it's definitely for heart disease. But it's also for the two brothers I lost along the way...because they taught me to always enjoy the beautiful moments in life πŸ’™


I woke up like this 🌞

Spent the weekend camping and soaking in the beautiful autumn in the mountains. Feeling extra lucky because we were able to sneak in hike four today of #hundredhikesforheartdisease to soak up even more of the beauty πŸ§‘πŸƒ

All we have to what to do with the time that has been given to us πŸ’™

I saw this picture of myself and my eyes filled with tears. It's like seeing a photo of an old friend. Someone I recognize...but don't really know anymore.
The truth is I could go on a long rant about every awful thing that has happened over the last several years and how it changed me...but that's not the point. The point is that I recently took a hard look at my life and knew I needed a goal to pull myself back to center.
So I set out on this journey of a hundred hikes for heart disease. And I decided it doesn't really matter the length or the difficulty of the hike I am doing...the only thing that matters is I look like this while I'm doing it.
Because this is an original, goofy Alyssa smile at it's finest. .
Photo by @lifeofanagentco who took this of me on my third hike ❀

Every moment is an adventure when you have a luck dragon by your side πŸ’™

Hike 3 today of #hundredhikesforheartdisease I was joined by these lovely ladies and we were treated to the sun rising over a foggy front range. Feeling unbelievably blessed to live in such an incredible state where views like this are only a few minutes from my doorstep β˜€οΈβ€

"I am still learning how to go back and reread my own chapters without feeling like I want to set all my pages on fire."

Namaste motherfuckers, the week is halfway through βœŒπŸ’™

We attempted chasing some waterfalls today but the water was a little too low. We kept our spirits high though with all these gorgeous autumn colors surrounding us πŸƒπŸ‚.
This was #hiketwo of #hundredhikesforheartdisease

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