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Lynzey Culver |Harbor and Kai|  Happiness is only achieved when you have a happy dog. •Australian Cattle Dogs and a Corgi mix• A pack of Xtratuff Mutts Email:

He thinks he is sooooooo sneaky... not quite little man.

Happy birthday to me? Well a week early is okay by me if it means spending it with you. Derek created a weekend getaway for us and the dogs since he is leaving Tuesday for a moose hunt.
This consisted of a 10 mile for wheel ride to a cabin the middle of the woods.
This was Harbor, Kai and Adak’s first time with the four wheeler and they did AMAZING! These dogs were pooped! Sheeny, Kai and Harbor all ran the 10 miles while Adak rode cozy in the wood basket we secured on the back.
We drove through muddy flooded trails to get to our cabin and the dogs were covered head to toe and so were we! It was hilarious.
Needless to say, we all lived, it was an adventure and Derek even brought me a cake all the way into the wilderness!!! One that he made himself but only happened because I saved it from burning in the oven 😉

Adak and the cake survived the four wheeler flip and so did Derek and I. We have no broken bones and a cake that really held up! Bonus points for it tasting amazing at like 10pm at night!

Derek you are forever a keeper and so are the dogs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“What do you mean you guys have to go to work?!” Don’t worry little man, your weekend will be well worth the wait at home today ☺️😘

Really missing this ball of fire and her lovely owner @hiloetry!
Adventures with them are spontaneous and always a blast.

And just like that we get slapped back into reality.
I enjoyed the chance to get away from people for the weekend and spend time with those that truly matter.
5 long days until the weekend but a wonderful weekend to come.
We are having an early birthday camping weekend in the Talkeetna area starting with an 8-10 mile four wheeler ride out with all the dogs... this will be interesting.... this weekend we saw black and brown bear tracks, we saw a bull moose and a grouse. So with all the wildlife it will be interesting to see how the dogs do.
It will be nice to spend my birthday with my little family, somewhat alone in the woods for the weekend.
Now these five days better hurry on up!

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Mom said the mosquitos were the size of small dogs this year in Alaska. We would agree to an extent, although we hid in the tent for most of mosquitocalypse.
Thank you @sawyerproducts for the new amazing gear to try out. We wanted to share with you a few great items you can find on their website! We also received a wonderful gallon sized water purifier which we will be testing out this weekend! Stay tuned for an update!!!! Until then check out @sawyerproducts and view some of their amazing gear!

Hey @kurgo we are the Alaskan pack of mutts you’ve been looking for! We would love to be your #kurgofall18 models this year!
We are an Alaskan based Instagram account led by dogs. We spend as much time as we possibly can outdoors, exploring all the mountains and rivers.
The dogs have taken to running rivers, long gazes from the tops of mountains to the occasional moose spook.
We make life fun in Alaska, so why not let us bring some Kurgo love to the one state that can really test all the elements.
The pack includes a corgi heeler (Harbor), Australian Cattle Dog (Kai), silver Labrador (Sheenjek) and German Shorthaired Pointer (Adak)
Let us show you love from Alaska ❤️ #kurgotogether

Leaving the pack behind this morning to go check out the place we plan to camp next weekend ❤️ pups have to stay behind since it’s 8 miles with the potential of getting lost via by four wheeler 😂

#foodforfreespirits #solidgoldpets #dogsofinstagram #buzzfeed #proplandog #proplan #weeklyfluff #instagram #ruffwear #heeler #acd #corgi #gsp #labrador #alaska #adventuredog #dogslife #heelernation #muttadventures #iflmdog #excellent_dogs #huffpostgram #bestwoof #heelersmile #campingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #hikingdogsofinstagram #houndandlife

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