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Lynn  Vacation & Beach Wedding Photographer 📸 in ☀️ West Palm Beach, FL 🌴 Capturing vacation memories and intimate weddings! Beach Lover 🏝 Vegan 🌱

1 year ago today I woke up and said, I am not eating animals anymore!! It wasn’t an overnight decision. It was a slow transition for me. First I started with dairy for like a year because it was making me sick, then I just cut everything else from one day to the next except seafood and that followed shortly after. 🌱
Besides my children, it is the BEST decision I’ve ever made. There is no way to describe the clarity I felt just in the first two weeks. It felt as if I unclogged my brain and my spirit. 🌱
I am constantly learning and becoming educated about my health, the animal cruelty and the enormous effects the food agriculture has on our planet and natural resources. It is because of all those reasons that I choose to be Vegan.
If your heart has been tugging at you to become Vegan or you’re interested in consuming less animals, check out I encourage you to get educated on how your food gets on your plate and the effects it has on our planet. Your great grandkids will thank you!

Back to school already?? Wait whattttt!!!! That’s so crazy to me how summer break just FLEW.
My little mermaid is NOT ready. She is not excited AT ALL! Totally not a fan of school. I wonder where she got that from?
To all the kids going back to school tomorrow, have a GREAT and SAFE year!!
P.S. This little cutie is on the cover of PB Parenting Back to School Issue. It is on stands all over Palm Beach county. Pick up your copy, it’s got great resources for parents.

At this moment they both felt super awkward cause I made them look at each other. I asked him to tell his sister that he loved her and hold her hand because I know he adores her. They’re siblings and teenagers so right now he might not realize just HOW much he loves her. I promise that in 15 years from now, they are going to CHERISH this photo. In the mean-time, mom and dad are getting a kick out of me torturing them.
These are the types of emotions that I want to bring out during my sessions. Real ones! Deep ones and ones that will forever be felt. Those are the ones that matter, wouldn’t you agree?
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Worth Ave on Palm Beach Island is a gorgeous alternative location to the beach.
It represents Palm Beaches finest and it’s beauty has no comparison.
Same as Jasmine!
Her radiance was present throughout our entire session. She will be celebrating her Sweet 16’s in just a few weeks and I am honored to have been chosen to document such a special occasion.
Double tap to wish her a Happy Birthday! 🎉

When we picture having a sense of wonder, we usually refer it as the innocence of a child.

We loose it as we grow up by feeling the pain of childhood experiences, going to school or just life!

I want to challenge you my friends to reconnect with your sense of wonder and imagine a world where anything is possible...because it truly is.

Say hello and tell me where you’re from.

To say that I am exhausted would be a complete understatement. Everyone knows moving is SO hard and not fun at all. It honestly feels never ending, but now the fun part begins, unpacking!! I actually don’t mind that part so much because I get to decorate and put my finishing touches on everything. It is already starting to feel like home. That part has to do with the help and support of a few wonderful people that have helped me put curtains up already, build the beds, put up shelves, connect my cable box and the never ending task of cleaning. I can’t tell you how swollen my heart is full of gratitude.
I have had such an overwhelming amount of love, birthday wishes, food deliveries, words of encouragement and plenty of hugs in the past couple of days!! It feels really good to know that I have so many amazing people around me that care.
Thank you to all who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday! Every time I had a 2 second break, I would grab my phone and see all your lovely messages. It truly made my birthday and moving day that much sweeter. And my sweet mom, I will never have enough words to express my appreciation for everything she does for me.
Cheers to 40!! Cheers to the next 40!! The best is yet to come.


I CAN NOT believe that in 2 days I am turning 40!!!
For my big 4-0 I want to gift a free session for yourself and/or your immediate family. To enter for your chance to win, follow the link in my bio.
I will be picking a random winner on my birthday!! I am so excited for this!
Tag a friend in the comments

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You!! Thank you to all the families that trust me during their vacation to capture family memories.

I am fully aware that these sessions can’t be redone and I never ever take it for granted. I know how special it is to have your family all in one place and I promise to always give you the best of me, no matter what.

My little mermaid took this photo of me with this lovely family on a session last week. I love that she gets to come to sessions with her mama and watches me do what I absolutely love.

What are you thankful for today? Tell me in the comments.

She asked him why he loved her?
And he asked her why did she breathe?
She replied, “To live.”
“Me too,”
he said.
j. iron word @j.ironword

Megan & Michael released butterflies at their wedding to honor Megan’s mom and sister who are in heaven. These two butterflies stayed for an extra long time really close to Megan. Her family watching was in tears because we all knew her two Angels were right there with her on her special day.

I woke up this morning and anxiety surrounded me. Acceptance and letting go when you don’t want to is hard my friends. There was a moment while I was answering emails that I felt a hot flush go through my body ( if anxiety visits you, you know what I mean). Usually it’s what happens right before an anxiety attack for me. My body forced me to take a deep breathe. I got up, got some water and went outside.
I reassured myself that I was safe and everything is going to be okay. That every step, even if it’s scary, is guiding me in my journey. It passed quickly, Thank God!
I took it pretty easy today. Me and my little mermaid went to the beach, walked, made a sand castle and meditated.
If you deal with anxiety, you’re not alone and I am here for you. I get it!

Why? Because I don’t want to just tell them to chase their dreams. I want to show them it’s possible by chasing mine.

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