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Lynn  Vacation & Beach Wedding Photographer 📸 in ☀️ West Palm Beach, FL 🌴 Capturing vacation memories and intimate weddings! Beach Lover 🏝 Vegan 🌱

These past couple of days it has been so unbelievably gorgeous here in West Palm Beach. Don’t tell Summer but Spring is becoming my favorite season. I am soaking up these beautiful, sunny, breezy long days. Being by the ocean gives me life and puts me in a space of awareness and gratitude instantly.

I edited this families (of 10 ) Vacation Memories today and these captures had me cracking up. I asked him to pick her up and kiss her and this is what transpired. They were funny, awkward, not perfect and full of love, just like me! I ❤️my clients!!
This was the final result, swipe to see how it came about 😁

Vows spoken from the heart and being blessed by the golden sun!! I feel so honored to have captured such a romantic moment for this lovely couple. I also delivered their wedding gallery today, which gives me all the feels to deliver love.

On the blog, I am sharing this special families vacation memories. PLUS I talk about one of my dreams that came true 🤗This location is so so dreamy. Want to see? Click @lynnstudios1 and follow the link ❤️
Tell me one of your dreams that have come true in the past year, I would love to cheer you on!

Who else is in Spring Cleaning mode?? Today I tackled the kids room and I can not believe how many bags of stuff I got out of there (I shared a pic in my stories). For real though, how many times do we look at a cluttered room and the sight of it bothers us but we dread getting started? Seems like that applies to so many areas in life, right? It feels so freeing though when we clear our space!
Well, now I am off to Target to buy a frame and I am hoping to completely bypass the $1 section in the front of the store. 🤞🏼#winningmoment

There is not one experience, no matter how devastating, no matter how torturous it may appear to have been, there is nothing that’s ever wasted.
Everything that is happening to you is being drawn into your life as a mean to help you evolve into who you were really meant to be here on Earth. It’s not the thing that matters, it’s what that things opens within you. -Oprah
📷 by @reyvisuals

Who is ready for the WEEKEND?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ This week has been such an emotional rollercoaster for my family. A lot of changes happening.
My goal for this weekend is to spend as many hours as I can sitting on a beach chair, with a hat, reading a book. 🌴☀️📚🐛🤓
What are your big plans for the weekend?


Erin & her family and Lindsey & her family escaped from the cold of North Missouri to spend a few days on vacay soaking in the warm Singer Island weather.
Both families have baby girls the same age and decided to vacation together. How fun is that?

I was thrilled when they each booked a session with me.
For 3 hours prior to their session it was pouring down rain, but a few minutes before their session time, the skies opened up and gave us an hour to connect and create lifelong memories.
Here is sweet Aubree with her parents. Swipe to see sweet Evey with her parents.
How C U T E are they?

Five Sorority sisters travelled from all over the east coast to this gorgeous beach in Singer Island to celebrate their 35th Sorority Anniversary.

They pledged in 1983 at the University of Virginia and have remained sisters ever since!

It was suppose to be raining during their scheduled session time so I decided to to make the session 2 hours earlier when it was SUPPOSE to be cloudy. As Florida weather would have it, there was not a single cloud in the sky :-) It was 4:00pm and certainly not an ideal lighting situation. The sun was EXTREMELY bright which can cast some unflattering shadows. I used the sand as a natural reflector and made some magic happen because a 35 year Sorority Anniversary Celebration was worth all my efforts.
I am grateful they trusted me with their memories.

I must say that one of my absolute favorite parts about being a photographer is connecting with families and couples from all over the world. Being honored to be a part of each of your journeys, even if it’s only for a day, and knowing that generations to come will have these memories, makes my heart burst with the utmost gratitude.
Thank you!!

“switch your mentality from “i’m broken and helpless” to “i’m growing and healing” and watch how fast your life changes, for the better.”

I get asked a lot what I do with active toddlers who just want to wander. Honestly, I don’t do much. I just let the child be. I encourage and I am patient. Usually what comes out of that is the real representation of who they are. Raw, pure, beautiful and perfect!!

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