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👩🏻‍🎨 リンダ  A couch potato who loves J-dorama & BTSpop!

This trip became a food trip & cafe hopping I guess 😅 🍴Street foods series at Myeongdong & also went to Haelmonim Tteokpokki at Sindang-dong for dinner.

These two places is a must go!

Harini bawak korang pergi Namsan Tower pulak okay?

Yeap. Always. ☕️

Sujebi + Seafood pajeon again cuz why not. Different vibe of makan place. Menu ada translate malay maybe sebab ramai sangat Malaysian/Indonesian/Singaporean etc suka datang sini.
Selamat bersahur yuols! 🍽

Hujan lebat sangat angin kuat sampai boleh terbang. 🙃
#jumpotd #levitation

We met @p.f.changmin [HOMME] parents this time! His mom served us and even offered to take a pic like BTS. She thought we didn’t know who Changmin was and we’re only a fans of BTS. She’s so nice. Hope can meet her again. Btw, this iced chocolate made by her and it was delicious!! Ada soft cookies sedap gila besar and cheap around RM4! Rugi tak beli lebih.

Dinner : Seafood Pajeon + Bibimbap + Asam Pedas at @busanjib_myeongdong

Nop still can’t move on cuz there’s still a lot of pics to upload here. Yeah most of it are my ootd. 🤭 [Wearing jumper by @bts.bighitofficial 4th Muster merch 💜] Cute shops pics by @aqilahtaha 💕

Warning:❗️Fangirling post❗️ Here again but this time with @aqilahtaha . Went to their new company at Hakdong, Nonhyeon-dong and then to Apgujeong-ro to find BTS Gangnam Doll.

Side trip to JYP and tetiba nampak Jaebum keluar kereta nak masuk company. Aqi terkejut tak sangka dapat jumpa abang dia. 😆
P/s: One of my wishlist nak pergi concert BTS please make it happen!! 😭

Second time here and still delicious and still tak ada gambar makanan yang cantik sebab enjoy sangat makan! @yanggood 🐑🐏
Opening hours: 4.30pm onward.

Dalam subway ni macam-macam drama kitorang witnessed.
K nanti cite..upload gambar jap banyak sangat collection 🤭

Excuse me, why I got too many OOTD pics to upload? 😅

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