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AMBITCHIOUS, 🌹. Shot by @haguenyc

Intuition is the best advice.

Waiting for my noodes like... [[Swipe left to see my favorite phone case that I custom made 🍜. Use “LYNNKIMDO20” for 20% off.]]

Say yes.

Are you alone? Do you need someone?

Looking at fear right in the face is helpful. Yeah. Sure. But if you really think about it, it’s truly one perspective. And let’s be honest, heading face to face with the monster can be quite horrifying and polarizing. True, it’s much better than not looking at it all. But what if we took a look at it from the side, maybe even from the back. Give it a good 360. Then, I think it opens you up to an opportunity to ask – What about it ticks you? What about it makes you fearful? I mean, why can’t we humanize that shit. Watch it trip or fart or drink too much tequila and then throw up all over the bathroom. Why can’t we understand it?

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Eeny, meeny, miney, moe...

One “hope” a day keeps the bad thoughts away.
Shot by @sofiabib (cc: @inbar.levi)

You didn’t reply but I got your message.

Barca, barca. You couldn’t leave me unscathed, could you? Oh, how you lit a deep fire in the pit of my soul. My feet are still dancing underneath me…even thousands and thousands of miles away from you.
A full Barcelona recap and travel guide is on the blog! From food to all the things you gotta do in Barcelona, I got you babes. Video shot by @sofiabib. Edited by me. #barcelona

Dust settles. I don’t.
Shot by @theangelmorales #pursuitofportraits

Know your worth. Then add tax.
Can you guess my favorite color atm? @kennethcole #ootd #monochromatic #streetstyle

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