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🌐 (digital)art  Feel free to DM me ^^💜 Dutch girl🇳🇱 [MCR] Click on↘


Hi guys, I made another digital drawing🖤 I hope you like it ^^
Feel free to comment tips/drawing ideas!!
#art #digitalart #draw #drawing #procreate #procreateartist #ipadproart #landscape

Another optical illusion, I hope you like it!!💖

Feel free to comment yout opinion/tips💜💙
#drawing #digitalart #sketch #procreate #ipadproart #digitaldraw

Heyy everyone, sorry for not posting last weeks!💜 I lost so many followers and my acc is kinda death but it's fine, I think everyone should just focus on their goals, not on the followers and haters🖤🖤 I haven't spoken most friends on ig for like months, I'm just not able to be active atm, I hope u understand😊

Sorry for the late post, I've made so many drawings but I'm too lazy to post sorryyyy💜 Btw I just picked a few OC ideas bcs there were so many comments😂 (peeps are tagged)

Idek what animal it is but oh well😂... What do you think?😊💜

Happy Halloween!!💚💜Feel free to comment tips/ideas/opinions!!

Im making a bunch of OC's in this style, any ideas?? COMMENT 2 or 3 WORDS OR EMOJIS AND I'LL MAKE THE OC!!❤️❤️

Hi guys,
Here's a portrait of @ybnotv , I'm really proud of this drawing!! I made it on the Ipad pro💜
My next portrait will probably be @johnnieguilbert or @socialrepose !!
please comment ur opinion🖤

DAY12 of inktober! (film telated)
simple but I know some of you will knowfrom which book/movie this issss🖤🖤🖤

DAY 11🖤🖤(deer) Sorry guys I messed up the days😂

Im really happy how this is turned out!! please comment ur opinion/feedback❤️❤️

DAY 10!!🖤😭 (girl OC)
I made one traditional and one digital, which one do you prefer? (I like the traditional better this time)❤️❤️

DAY 9❤️🔪🖤(bloody)
'Its like you make a stuffed animal bleed, even tho you know it wont die'

DAY 8!!! (Music)
I actually really like how the colors are turned out yay💙
Please comment ur opinion!!

DAY 7❤❤🔪 (heart) Okay it sucks but idgaf, at least I tried😂
(Its not my camera thats messy, its the drawing lol)

DAY 6 (idek what it is)
Sorry guys, I didn't had a lot of time again so its a crappy drawing again... (liked the burger tho)💙💙

DAY 5 OF INKTOBER!! (burger)🍔
Omg I totally forgot about this burgercollab sorry sorry sorry😂 💜Please leave a comment if ur still active!!💜

DAY 4 of inktober!!! (candle)💙💙
This one is so bad (like the previous one) but ooh well Im too lazy to finish it😂😂

DAY 3 OF INKTOBER!! (monster)🍪🍪
I used the app Procreate, feel free to leave a comment💙
#digitalart #procreateartist #procreate #selftaught #cookiemonster #drawing #art #ipadpro #artwork #inktober #inktober2017

DAY 2 OFF INKTOBER! (Flower)❤🌸🌹
#inktober #inktober2017 #flower #art #drawing

1st day of Inktober!!🖤🔪🕸

Just a quick digital drawing💙💙

Hi guys, I've been working on this digital drawing for a while, I hope you like it!💙 Any feedback is welcome (I used the app Procreate)🤗
#draw #drawing #mangaart #mangastyle #mangastyledrawing #art #artist #selftaught #procreate #procreateartist #digitalart

Hey guyss, I made these drawings with the app procreate, please comment your opinion☺️💜💙

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