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Gradually letting the real me SHINE🧝🏻‍♀️ I have spent most of my life holding back my truths and talents being insecure and afraid to show my true colors. I had a story about myself that I believed to be true. My voice was not important for the world and I was not talented enough to do my dream. I kept holding myself back. It’s comfortable to believe in our own limits and stories. We love it, because we are in control, we know the rules. It’s not challenging or scary and we always know the outcome, we know our days won’t hold any uncomfortable surprises. I have now spent over 500 days working on my dream. It’s been challenging, frustrating, everything else than I thought it would be and most of all much more beautiful than I imagined. It’s been the most real and honest days of my life, because I am learning to know the real me and to see what I am really made of beyond my stories. The dream in itself no longer holds my drive. My drive and motivation lies in the process, the everyday challenges, lessons and experiences. My passion to continue to work at it every single day lies in the human being I am growing to be. I feel alive, much more than I have ever been and with that I mean experiencing all kinds of emotions that comes with living in a human body. What I hope to do with this post is to inspire you to follow your dreams and to start living your truths. The world needs more honesty, the world needs more heart and your voice matters! What ever you crave to create and to share, I hope you do it♥️ Your dream is not a coincidence, and you being here as a human is certainly not a coincidence either. We are blessed to be here as humans, we are free to explore life. Nothing can go wrong, we are here to grow and to shine our uniqueness✨ Go do your dream! Start small. I am cheering for you with all my heart ♥️
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I love dreamy clouds ☁️ They inspire my writing, gives me perspective. My human body is a tiny piece of the universe, small but still big and important for the evolution of earth. Remember that you are important for the evolution of this planet, you make a difference with every breath you take and every move you do. Every being alive makes an impact, and all life is equal. We are building a new future for this planet together every single second, whether we are conscious about it or not. Let’s be aware of the changes we want to make and let’s help each other and this earth forward💜 #oneness #youaresoulyouhaveabody #letscreateabetterworld #consciousnessshift #newparadigm #ikya #freeyourself #wakeup #inspiration

Maybe this planet is given to us so that we can play, grow and explore everything we are afraid to do 🌸 📸 by the amazingly talented @michael8ehrens 💜 💄by @fridastrifeldt
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Two days of soul fuel in the mountains 🐶🌸☀️⛰

After a life time of disliking this body of mine, I have decided to start falling in love with it👽Advice: Voice a body part you are insecure about with compliments and love in the mirror every morning, choose a new body part every week ♥️ Do it until your brain believes you. Let’s fake it until we make it! I think we all have our insecurities about ourselves and our bodies, our brains think we will be better or prettier or more successful once we look like this or that...but fuck this crap! Who decided what’s beautiful in the first place? I genuinely think that every single human on this planet is incredibly beautiful ♥️ I look at people around me and I love the unique parts in all my fellow humans. Wouldn’t it be boring as hell if we all looked the same? The more we shine our light from the inside and out the more our bodies will glow✨The best part is that we are not our bodies, we are so much more than this shell 🐚 We are soul♥️and our potentials are unlimited! .
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Family dinner, hunting pretty restrooms with sissy 👯‍♀️🚽🥂 @susiyofficial #lifeisplay

I love making movies with you @michael8ehrens 🎥 #superteam 🌸 #musicvideo #artist #singer #lyngmusic
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You’ve already got
E V E R Y T H I N G you need inside of you 🦋 No one has the power to brake us, to stop us from doing our dreams and desires, to live F R E E L Y....The only real limits are the ones we believe in, the blockages and boundaries we put up in ourselves. Let’s tear the rules down and see how much we can create out of our hearts ♥️ Create your way! #doyourdream #consciousnessshift #youaresoulyouhaveabody #freeyoursoul #unlimitedpotential #weareone #createart #newearth #inspiration #lightworker 📸 by @michael8ehrens Makeup💄by @fridastrifeldt Hair 💇🏼‍♀️ by @karinalarsenn

I am love ♥️ You are love ♥️ We are love ♥️ And everything in between is just misunderstandings #nocompetition #love #weareone #oneworld #lovehealgrow #consciousnessshift
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Chase your fears to find your freedom🧚🏻‍♂️ I have had insecurities about my body most of my life, and I had a lot of fear before I did this video shoot with @michael8ehrens because I was quiet exposed out in the public streets of Oslo. I’ll Be There is a song about feeling naked, full of fear and anxiety, but then helping ourselves out of our stories and blockages to live out our potentials and dreams. The video is vulnerable and naked and I felt so FREE and HAPPY after this shoot. And I had so much fun!😋 Once we do the things we are afraid to do we discover that the fear was mostly an illusion. And when we face our fears, we expand and grow and feel empowered and FREE🙌🏼
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My name is L Y N G and I was born here to help create a new world 🌏✨🧝🏻‍♀️ When I was younger I was really confused and I didn’t understand who I was and why I was born on this planet. The more I work with myself and the more I dare to listen inwards for answers, I get more and more certain of who I am and what I am here to do. I believe we’re all born with a mission and a purpose. We can change the world and create better solutions for all lifeforms on earth once we connect to our core and start vibrating who we are as soul. Every single human has unique talents and skills to contribute with. And every single being is equally important for this world. I believe in a bright future where we share our skills and perspectives and where we help each other to grow. With teamwork we can create a healthy planet and an awesome, including, colorful, fun world♥️👽
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F R E E D O M 🙌🏼
This weekend I attended an amazing course called Ikya Tantra🧚🏻‍♂️ I’ve learned that sexuality is not only about sex. Sexuality is about expressing yourself and who you are as signature. Sexuality is co-creation. We have a lot of rules, belief-systems and shame in our society and culture regarding how we are “allowed” to express. The more we remove our beliefs, blockages and rules we get to express ourselves freely. We hold back so much of ourselves because of our shame and because we were brought up to believe that sexuality is something we should hide and be ashamed of. Sexuality is creativity, it’s exchange of ideas and when we experience deep connection with people through conversations, that is also sexual. I am really thankful for everything I learned and and all the new perspectives I have been given. I really recommend this course to EVERYONE! Because we all have our own stories blocking us to be ourselves, to express who we are and to live freely without any shame. I am looking forward to create a lot of beautiful music using the new tools I bring with me from this workshop🎶 For questions regarding the course feel free to contact @marieminagawa and @marjaskogland ♥️ and follow @ikyatantra for updates 😍
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