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"I need some air." #palmsprings #canon #5ds #vsco

(1/2) Her phone says "Jan 1". The last thing she can remember is drinks and boys both of which were new to her. She remembers Addy was there. She and Addy always take care of each other. She doesn't recognize the room. She doesn't recognize the neighborhood out the window. Just shoes, bra and corset is all she can find. She is sore all over. "Where are my fucking clothes?" From the other room she makes out a low phone conversation and a voice she doesn't recognize. She goes to stand up but quickly ends up right back on the floor. The phone voice stops. She tries again and slowly pulls herself up on all fours using the couch. Looking down she sees a blur of what is probably her panties. "Oh, you don't need those right now," says the phone voice standing a few feet before her. Before she can question or protest, a pair of hands from behind slide over her hips and hold firm. A second voice, "We still not done with this New Year's party, pretty girl." Knees knock hers just a bit wider; the carpet burns one and then the other as they slide and abruptly stop. His right hand slides down the curve of her right buttock and stops just under the round ledge. With his hand still cupping the cheek, he uses his third and fourth fingers to open her up. Her thighs straighten vertically as his left hand slides up her rib cage and raises her upper body. She shudders as he begins to lower her on him. There is no room. She is afraid of a tear. She looks down and back half expecting to see some kind of farm animal. She weakly resists but his hands are firmly back on her hips as he settles her down on him. She reaches down and spreads her lips hoping for the best. #muse #voyeur #voyeurism #canon #5d #5ds #vsco #sanfrancisco #clifthotel #gucci

(2/2) Butterflies race around her stomach as her hips ride the rocking motion of a small rowboat crossing a summery lake. She hears the unmistakable bling of an iPhone video camera coming alive. She looks over but it's not phone voice. His hands leave her hips and slide up to her breasts as she naturally takes over the rowing. Her breasts cupped, he pulls her back closer to him. She starts rowing harder. Her nipples find their way between his thumbs and index fingers. The butterflies turn into swarming bees as his fingers tease her gorging little bumps. She can't stand it. The bees race around her stomach. She wants to explode. The rowboat stops cold. The oarsman crumples on her and then melts away. She lays motionless on her back. The bees are gone. The phone voice is back in the other room. She hears heels slowly click away. Addy? #muse #voyeur #voyeurism #canon #5d #5ds #vsco #sanfrancisco #clifthotel #guccibelt

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