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Lyna Perez  I basically live in a bikini☀️💌 Snapchat: Lynaritaa👻

Can anyone lend me a hand?😜 @stevebitanga

Hey babes💓 Serious question of the day lol tan lines or NO tan lines?🤷🏼‍♀️⬇️

If you're wondering about my tattoo it's a scorpion I got when I was 17😂 I'm kinda obsessed with zodiac signs...what sign are you?♏️

Not your typical girl next door 😈 But who would want me as their neighbor anyway?

Curious what's your favorite physical feature on someone✨ Mine is dimples/smile😆

Suns out, Nipples out☀️Hope you guys don't mind💋

Looking like a snack 🍯What's your favorite snack? Mine is anything with avocados🖤

Thought it was only appropriate for me to give you guys the back view...what do you think I mean it is #humpday 😜 @stevebitanga

So apparently there's rattlesnakes in this field so I was super scared I was going to die lol🐍 @stevebitanga

My shirt isn't the only thing that's wet...don't have such a dirty mind my stomach is obviously wet too😏

Waiting for your girl to come by👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

A little nip never hurt nobody...right?😏 @ohrangutang

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