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  Have courage and be kind. Charities/Individuals in need of help please comment below.

Robbie, I admire you always. ❤️ May we all dance, smile, and sing like everyone is watching.

Today was so perfect. I will twirl this beautiful human being around the dance floor any day! Thank you to the Department of Developmental Disabilities for allowing me the privilege to work with some of the sweetest souls out there (and for them teaching me some new dance moves). ❤️💃🏼🕺🏻

In a world where we are all so beautifully different, we all have one thing in common and under our own control regardless of age, origin, location, interests, past experiences, education, likes and dislikes, etc: our ability to give kindness. I know people say to never strive to be part of the crowd or do the same thing as others, but in this case there isn't anything I'd like more than to be in a crowd with all of you. #whereisthelove #righthere

I value you. There's no one with your smile, no one with your laugh, no one with your fire, your beautiful vulnerability, your heart, and your thoughts. The thoughts placed in your mind, the ideas, creations, are placed there to be heard. For no one else will that thought come to, but you. You are pristinely one of a kind. ❤️

Let us earn kindness, through paying in kindness. Have you ever responded to someone you felt was mean or judgmental, with mean or judgmental actions - with good intentions of standing up for what you believe is right? Let us respond with example of what we wish to see. I have often been told that the reason for my demeanor is because I am unaware of the "real" world. I assure you, I know all walks of life, I have been through the most incredible and the most heart-challenging times but I believe very firmly in those that hurt and lash out in unawareness, simply need a kind hand to help them truly see - to help them see the beauty that surrounds them, the beauty that lies ahead, and the beauty that radiates from within them - not their skin's beauty, but their soul's beauty. Yes I do absolutely encourage you each to always stand up for yourself, but please do remember that there is a vast difference between standing up for one's self, and bringing another down to rise above. Let us warm hearts, by allowing ours to feel and being unafraid to be vulnerable. Please, let us build an army of kindness and sincerity. Will you join me? #sawthispictureandlovedit #notme

Understand and hold true to your worth, as well as those around you ❤️

When someone is taking a video of the beauty of Mother Nature's waterfalls, but calls it a "picture" and tells you to hold your pose (not in a model way, in a don't move because wouldn't this be a nice picture to show your grandma) until they burst into laughter and come clean, you can't help but to giggle at yourself! (And also make sure your bathing suit doesn't come unzipped! 🤷🏼‍♀️😊) Life can get so serious in so many moments. I truly hope you each smiled and laughed today at least once. Also, remember that no matter how "embarrassing" something may be or silly you may feel in a given situation, laughter helps keep the sunshine out! So turn that frown upside down, and let us see that sunshine smile ☀️

Have you told yourself how beautiful you are today? How much of a masterpiece your heart is? And how every action of yours, how every word you speak is a blessing to this world? If not, please do so now 💜

Now this is some full blown, pass-out with mouth wide open (WIDE open) kind of sleep 😴💁🏼 Some say that only the truly peaceful sleep, so tonight I present you with a challenge to help a heart out there feel a sense of peace and warmth. Before you fall asleep this evening, wish someone that you haven't spoken with in awhile or someone you haven't spoken with ever: Goodnight. Whether you wish it to a completely random person through social media through a kind comment or an old friend you encounter while scrolling through your phone contacts - offer them this heartfelt word for no other reason than to allow them the privilege of knowing that someone out there is thinking of them, and to spread a little kindness. #apparentlythisishowisleep

You're just too good to be true, can't take me eyes off of you.. you'd be like heaven to touch 💫✨ #favoritesong #thatsnottrueilovealotofsongs Every single one of you has a hint of Heaven in you ⭐️

Chat night! I have received messages lately sharing with me that individuals feel alone or by themselves in this world so tonight, I hope to help each and every one of you to see that you are not alone, and also thank you for being there for someone and being the reason that they are never alone. I ask you a 2 part question for this. 1. Who is someone that has your back? (You may say me, for I will always have each of your backs in any challenge you may encounter) 2. Share with me, one person whose back you have? (:

Never lose faith in people, especially in yourself. ❤️ #sawthisonawalk

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