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LYLE BENIGA  @bnga_ | bngabrand.com | field of vision | 🏴

🚧🚧🚧 cc: @adewillis @lilika_ririka @trevortakemoto @hughniverse @ami_takashima @flexinflvcko | happy to have taught at the new @drlegacystudios, the renovations look amazing ! Many key career moments for me here as a young rook, one of them being able to teach my first class in LA here. 🙏🏽 grateful, honored, and you’ll always have my support ! | 🎵 @nerd @pharrell #nerd #nooneeverreallydies

Don’t forget either... this shit is fun !!! #theprocess #enjoyit #FOV

FIELD OF VISION 👁 for @steezy.co. January 18. 3 concept videos, 3 choreography classes, and 6 supplemental classes that include basics, lectures, and physical training. We talk about music, concepts, origins, inspiration, experience, growth - detailed things I typically don’t have time to teach in my regular classes and workshops. Thank you @steezy.co for taking a chance with me to present an ambitious contribution on this platform, and also mirking the production🤯. This is just the beginning !! It doesnt end with me... it starts with you though !! Lemme kick it witcha over at www.steezy.co and the steezy app, starting JAN 18 👊🏽

Yessuhh !! Spent my new year’s week in Shanghai to shoot the opener for #streetdanceofchina which I’ll be a choreographer/mentor for for 3 months. Blessed for this opportunity, and pretty damn dope getting to work with my community of friends in this capacity. Lessgeetit !! 💎⛏ @hztttao #teamtao cc: @phi_jbwkz @felixhuangrf @bboynick90

Swipe ⬅️ | #TBT to my classes earlier this year and some great select groups that were recorded, thankfully. 1️⃣ “Hustle Hard” (throwback class) myself @sorahyang @trevortakemoto @seanlew @deasevilla @juliandeguz13 & last-but-not-least @ian_eastwood 2️⃣ “RAF” @caetlynwatson @kenzoalvares myself @kerriemilne @littlepeach0 @david_cottle (I don’t have everyone’s handle!) 3️⃣ “Brown Sugar” @_yungjack

Download @steezy.co on the App Store | #collaboration #comingsoon 📸: @theactionpete

Off safety | Team work make the dream work !! @bnga_ #bnga #kimonos | @steezy.co #collaboration #comingsoon

❤️❗️ welcome home committee for @lindsayrichardson, and we couldn’t be more happy and proud #squad. Staying cozy, staying warm these holidays | Swipe ⬅️

not one, not two, not three | thank you @9fivers for the fly-ass frames #avian ! @steezy.co #collaboration #comingsoon 📸: @theactionpete

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