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Lydia Oey  💊 tooth driller ☕ coffee lover 📍Jakarta, ID • 📩

Quick coffee today

Sunny day in Jakarta

You & I
We don't want to be like them
We can make it 'til the end
Nothing can come between
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No, nothing can come between you and i
~ One Direction

Once upon a time
In the forest
There were animals
Who waited patiently
To be adopted by a human family
These animals promised
To make their owners sparkle and shine
And make them look good
~ Welmel

Picnic time!

😍Met my muse @olivialazuardy yesterday..! Need to start my diet right away 😭 😭 😭 gendut bgt foto di sebelahnya

🍶Drop it while it's hot..! ❤ get 15% discount on @danielwellington web by using "lydiaoey" code till 1st Oct 2017 (

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Lanjut baca buku ini Di @three_folks coffee.. setelah hilang entah berapa lama hahahaha.. boleh dirental kakak barista.. •
#threefolks #flatlay

💪🏻 You must tell yourself "no matter how hard is, or how hard it gets, I'm going to make it" -Les Brown.

🐰Coffee time with Adele the bunny..! (Toooo cute! Closer look at my ig story ❤)

🐰🐰 earrings from

☕🐰 by @tsrthesar
#welmel #welmelbrand #bunnylove #cuteearrings #rabbitlatteart

❤☕ I want tou tO Be my Morning coffee mate, forever

❤☕ Who will be your perfect coffee companion?

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