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Lydia Kathleen  fine art calligrapher - rock bottom is still solid ground to stand on. - company: To Be Written IG: @tobewritten_shop

omgsh i never posted this picture of my bb sister graduating college. horrible sister move on my end.
so, here we are to reminisce on this amazing accomplishment. no one will ever fully know the battles she fought those 4 years; therefore, no one will ever fully know how celebratory this day was. proud of you my Rachy poo - you delightful little butterfly of beauty and grace wrapped in a cocoon of colorful weirdness. 💕 #IUalumni #hoosier

there are things i’m sure of and things i’m not. this i know, i’m sure of you 💛

reckless Love.

one of the greatest things my dad has ever exhibited is loving my mama well. they’ve been through one heck of a life together - both exhilarating times and heart breaking times, but they have faithfully ran the course together. it was this love that first led me to know true Love, and my greatest eternal gift, Jesus Christ. for that alone i’m incredibly thankful.
my dad is an example of light in the shadows & courage in the depths of despair, and i hope to be as close to the female version of him as i possibly can. he’s the most humble, generous, loving man I’ve ever come to know and i just can’t believe i get to call him “dad”. #LOVEYOUPAPAROG

if you know me at all, you’ve most likely seen this face before. this is my stunningly courageous friend, Grace. she is a crazy overcomer that continues to shed her joy and laughter with the world while simultaneously living each day in physical agony.
we’ve been through a lot together, but one of the hardest seasons has been this past 4+ years; Grace has been battling chronic back pain since 2014 and every day we see the fluctuation of small victories and pits of defeat.

i'm sure we all know, or have known, someone that is going through something that we wish we could just remove completely and give them that instant gratification of healing and joy. you are not alone. although i fully believe healing AND joy is on the other side for my sweet grace, i don't know the timing.

that being said, i would do anything for this woman. right now, she needs some help in getting the best and proper treatment for her pain & day-to-day life. if able, we would love for you to partner with us in prayer and/or giving. every small action and donation helps - the link is in my profile.

thank you so much for your time in reading this! we are so thankful for each and every one of ya.

if i only had one helmet, i would give it to you #nationalbestfriendday 🤗

may the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.

so far, today’s been pretty low key.
HUGE shoutout to Shonda and the Indy Racing Experience team for making this happen. such a special surprise we were able to give my dad this morning 😊

i’ve been looking for Michael since last week; apparently he was in Iceland 🤷🏽‍♀️...... 😍

praying this year is full of the Lord’s favor. that you take the gifts He has given you & soar. you bring so much creativity & beauty to this world, zach. you’re full of life & full of love. I’m crazy proud of the person you are & are becoming. happiest of birthday’s to you, my brotha. #mylittleweirdo
@zachwathen is the artist behind these jackets. if you don’t already, follow him to not only be inspired, but walk this venture with him.

you will always find
the answer in your heart
where it has been waiting
since long before the question


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