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Lydia Jane  ⋆ MN Based Destination Wedding Photographer ⋆ Redhead. Cat Lady. Frequent Traveler. Lover of good hugs and all french fries ever.

Maybe I’m just a blatant extrovert, but one of my favorite parts of shooting the wedding party is putting faces to names! Most of the time I’ve heard these friends referenced during my meetings with my clients and it’s really so fun to finally meet everyone in person. 🤗 #lydiajanephoto

I hope your weekend is as cozy as this book store family session. 📚 I spent the day talking to my cat and watching Star Wars. So, not nerdy at ALL. #lydiajanephoto

Is it any surprise this house with green shutters was my favorite mansion in Charleston? 🏡 #lydiajanetravels2019

To the boy who first won me over with his big, kind eyes. It’s your birthday but you’ve given me the greatest gift any person on earth ever has: the gift of being loved by somebody like you. Truly, deeply, known and loved. Every year on your birthday I’m amazed I haven’t known you for all of them. To step into your heart and be invited to confide in your hopes and fears is such an honor. I promise to protect it for all of my days. You’re my sweet 9. A peacemaker and servant. Gentle but brave. Steady but curious. This year you’ve surprised me by how driven and bold you’ve been. You may move behind the scenes a lot but those who know you know to never underestimate you. And I get the best seat in the house. I really think the world of you. I love that you’ll save a favorite podcast of ours to listen to while we brush our teeth. I love that you have your phone full of reminders to pray for your friends. I’m amazed at how you make such good food all the freaking time! I also love finding your socks around the house because it reminds me you were there. Happy birthday, my love. The world got a lot better the day you showed up. (pc: @ally_michele)

Still dreaming dreams of greens and hidden garden paths. 🌿 The Gateway Walk, while partially closed at parts, was one of the highlights of my trip. An off-street exploration of plants, trees, graveyards, and old architecture. The best way to get to know a city, in my opinion. And, in case you missed my travel Stories, I’ve created a Charleston highlight in my profile! #lydiajanetravels2019

Day two pics from my little Charleston adventure are up in my Stories! Julia and I visited @middletonplace and I took way too many photos of flowers and animals. I’d say overall I was surprised by how easy Charleston was to navigate. The Enterprise lady sort of laughed at me when I asked about tolls. Apparently there’s none of those! Which might be a first for the East Coast? Can’t wait to go back one day with Stefan and stuff our faces with all the restaurants we couldn’t fit in 48 hours. (📸: @_juliamary) #imlydiajane #lydiajanetravels2019

“Kiss full of color makes me wonder where you've always been / I was hiding in doubt till you brought me out of my chrysalis / And I came out new. All because of you.” 🌞 Today’s cheese ball caption courtesy of my heart being SO happy that Kacey Musgraves won Album of the Year last night at the Grammys. If you haven’t heard it yet, go cheer up your Monday and give it a listen. #lydiajanephoto

Back home in the snow globe that is Minnesota but I have leeeettle bits of sunburn to remind me of my romp in South Carolina. 👩🏻‍🦰 Today’s itinerary: Two award shows (BAFTAs & Grammys) so you know this award show junkie is happy as can be. 🍾 What are YOU up to this lovely Sunday? #lydiajanetravels2019

Photos from my first day in Charleston are up in my Stories now! 🍃 I had the best time exploring this city for the first time with my friend @imjuliamary. I think it’s safe to say I’m sufficiently back on the travel train after a long, sick New Years. It was especially heart happy to explore a previously unseen East Coast city. Felt a little like home. #lydiajanetravels2019

Farewell, beautiful city! 👋🏻 Julia and I are headed back to 8 or so inches of snow in Minneapolis. So grateful for a few days to recharge my vitamin D, wear sandals and a dress, and eat açaí bowls. I think visiting the South during the winter will be my new hobby! No humidity or bathing suits! 🙏🏻 #lydiajanetravels2019

Been exploring and shooting up a storm here in Charleston with no time to edit or post as of yet. So here’s a photo of me in Italy which is coincidentally the last time my skin saw the sun. 😂 It’s getting its share of it in South Carolina now. It’s so overwhelming to be wearing a dress and sunscreen again! #imlydiajane (pc: @_juliamary)

So excited to fly to Charleston tomorrow (my first time!) with my buddy @imjuliamary. I love winter and snow but, man, I‘ve got to say I do miss seeing some color. 🍋 Who’s been before? What was your favorite thing about the city? #lydiajanephoto

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